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Is there gravity on the planet Uranus?

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Yes. All planets have gravity. Gravity at Uranus "surface" is 88.6% that of Earth.

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I not really sure but i know that Earth has a lot more gravity then Uranus does....Uranus i (think) does not have alot of Uranus.But i know that Uranus has gravity.

The "surface gravity" is less on Uranus.

Because the planet Uranus is much larger than Earth, Uranus has a stronger gravitational pull. The gravity on Uranus is 1.17 that of Earth.

The planet Uranus is more massive than the Earth and has a stronger gravitational field. So you could say that Uranus has more gravity.

holding uranus is gravity that is in space just like any other planet.

The planet with the third-biggest gravitational pull is Uranus.

I wouldn't say the planet Uranus matters, but it does in some ways, for it is a planet made out of gas and may have an impact on the gravity of Earth revolving around the sun, for Uranus is larger than Earth and will have a slight pull of gravity on it slightly shifting it's revolving around the sun.

All planets are affected by the gravity of other planets.

Basically Uranus has more mass, therefore mor gravity. However, there is nowhere you could STAND on planet Uranus, since it is a gas giant.

the orbit of uranus is sideways and the way the orbit of the planet and the gravity and ive seen in books of the planet uranus the rings are parelel of the poles or the axis is tipped on the side ..the poles of uranus is not north and south .but they are east and west .

Since Uranus is a giant planet with massive gravity and an atmosphere poisonous to human life, and since no human has ever be to or near Uranus, there are no fun things that you can to there.

Planets with a smaller surfae gravity than Earth are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Uranus.

You would be killed if you were to try and land on Uranus. It is a giant, poisonous planet that is extremely cold, because it is so far from the Sun. The gravity is strong enough to crush any person or machine that tried to land on Uranus. The only thing a person can do in the vicinity of Uranus is to orbit the planet, or land on a nearby satellite or moon of Uranus. If you try to land the planet, you die and quickly.

Uranus is a gas planet not a rocky planet

The weirdest planet is planet Uranus. The weirdest planet is Jojo on Uranus

If you could stand on the surface of Uranus, you would experience 89% the force of gravity that you experience on Earth. Another way to look at it is that objects dropped towards Uranus will accelerate towards the planet at 8.69 m/s2. Does it seem a little strange to you that an planet like Uranus, with the 14 times the mass of Earth, would pull at you with less gravity if you could stand on its surface? The mass is important, but it all depends on how closely that mass is held together. Uranus is the second least dense planet in the Solar System (after Saturn). It has enough volume to hold 63 Earths, but it only has 14 times our mass. So if you could stand on the surface of the planet, you would have a difficult time noticing the lower gravity of Uranus. It would feel very similar to Earth gravity.

The amount of gravity on Uranus is 91 percent of the gravity that is on Earth. The surface gravity of Uranus is .886 times Earth's gravity of 8.69 m/s squared.

The planet Uranus is called an ice giant planet.

Uranus is a part of the solar system. So yes, Uranus is a planet.

The planet Uranus is named after the god Uranus.

Uranus mainly has a hydrogen and helium atmosphere, which also contains ices. The ices are frozen water, ammonia and methane. Although a lot larger than the earth, the gravity on Uranus is 0.886g, where one g is the earths gravity. This is due to the relatively low density of the planet.

Apart from the mass, you must also consider the distance. In the case of the surface gravity, that would be the radius of the planet.

Uranus became a planet in 1781.