Is there gravity where space shuttles orbit?

A very low level, called microgravity, that's a small fraction of normal gravity. Astronauts feel weightless, by comparison. Space shuttles orbit at a distance of 100-200 miles above the Earth. The shuttle is actually falling toward the Earth all the time, but the speed of its orbit keeps it from falling any closer.

Don't confuse gravity with weight. The Earth's gravity extends to the outer reaches of the Solar System. Earth's gravity is what keeps the satellites which are orbiting the Earth from flying away into space. "Weight" is measure of the local acceleration due to gravity. When a person is in orbit, inside a shuttle, he is falling along with the shuttle at about 17,000 miles per hour. The mass of the shuttle and the mass of the person are attracting each other with 'micro-gravity' which is a million times less than the gravity of the Earth.