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Yes. Depending on where you are, you can search for support services in your local phonebook. Even some churches can provide services and housing for teen mothers. Your first stop, though, should be to the local YWCA or YMCA. They will have staff on hand to give you the help you need and connect you to the right resources.

There are also places that you can go to for financial support. One of these places is WIC if you are in America (see related link). In Britain, you can receive benefits and child benefits for your child once you are 16. If you are still in education in Britain, you can receive the EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) which is up to £30 per week. There are also services such as CAP and Payplan in Britain to help with with things such as budgeting and bill payments. In America, each state and city etc. has its own way of financially supporting young, single mothers.


In most states you can call UnitedWay's 211, or find it online, and they will also be able to help you with finding any kind of services that are in your area.

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Q: Is there help for young single mothers under 18?
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Are there grants to help single mothers pay off student loans?

There are grants to help single mothers pay off their student loans. There are many grants on the federal, state, county, or city level that can help.

What kind of nationwide support groups are there for just single parents?

There are many nationwide support groups for single parents, such as: single parents in college/university, single parents looking for companionship and help of other single parents, those in need for financial advice/help, single parents seeking to adopt a child, and also young single parents. Here is an article about single mothers support group:

Can hospices help babies and young children?

Yes Young mothers and Children hospices

Are there any scholarships available in the upcoming year for native American single mothers? can help with Native American education grants to help people, especially your case (single mothers) to get schooling opportunities.

Where can I find scholarships for single mothers?

Scholarships for single mothers are available pretty much everywhere. Local libraries generally have listings that can help you find the information you are interested in.

Can single mothers receive financial aid from the federal government to help pay for bills?

A good place to look for financial aid and other assistance for single mothers is Although financial aid for single mothers is usually geared toward paying for education rather than bills, there are other resources on the web site that can help you with your expenses.

Where can I get information about scholarships for single mothers?

A website has been put up to help single Mothers with scholarship and financial aid. is a good place to start looking for tuition assistance.

What are some pregnancy tips for young moms?

I found lots of advice and help on for young mothers at symptom/ under pregnancy tips. This is a site that I have trusted for medical help every since I acquired an Internet connection ten years ago, and I have found it very trustworthy.

Are there grants to help a single mom pay for school?

Yes you can get a educational grant, which can help you pay for schooling. Try looking at

what grants can i apply for single mothers that i dont have to pay back that will help me with housing ?

There are many grants available for single mothers to help with housing. Check with HUD, State Housing Finance Agency, Habitat for Humanity and The Nehemiah Foundation. For more information, visit

How do Barnardo's help people?

barnardo's help people in many ways, like the way they helped my grandad. when he was homeless and had no family, they took him in, gave him a roof, and food. he was so young at just 14. they are a charity and when you donate it gives theese people hope. it helps single mothers too.

Help with housing for single mothers in Puerto Rico?

Anyone who meets the general criteria of income and background information can qualify.

Where can I find help for single mothers?

Single Family Voices is an online forum and discussion board focused on single parents. Many subsections make it easy to find like minded people to talk to.

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What are some resources available to single mothers?

The website SingleMom is a place where a single mother get ideas on where to find help and support. A single mother can also contact her local department of human services to find out what programs are available for her in her area.

Are there any help groups or charity organisations in France to help newly single mothers eg advice on benefits or emotional and practical and legal advice or support?

There probably are, go find them.

How did colonial mothers use a garden to help the family?

Colonial mothers used a garden to help feed the family.

What do you think was the social status of birth mothers or biological mothers in the community?

i think the birth mothers where there to take care of a biological mothers child to help out

Is there a free resource for single moms? is designed to help single mothers deal with their role. The site offers advice on being a single mom as well as a message board for single moms to share ideas and encourage one another. Many of the challenging questions single moms have are answered on this website.

Do whales mothers take care for young for an extended time l?

Certainly for the first two or three years. They're very protective of their young, and will help them to stay near the surface so they can breathe easily.

Is single parenthood a factor in creating poverty for young mothers?

this is absolutely true unless she gets child support from the father,and if she is lucky her own family will also help support her until she can get on her feet, so it is vital she goes to court to obtain a court order for child support from the father.

Are mothers supposed to do daughter's homework for them?

Mothers can help but should never do their children's homework for them.

What kind of help with daycare is there for single mothers?

You could apply for financial assistance from your government who would in turn also provide you with a daycare centre that is also funded by the government.

How to Find Scholarships for Single Mothers?

Recognizing that mobility is nearly impossible without a college degree, many single mothers are returning to school with the hopes of graduating and pursuing a rewarding profession. However, returning to school as a single parent can be extremely difficult. Nontraditional students must juggle the competing demands of a full-time job, childcare and studying for classes. Many single parents also find the cost of tuition unaffordable but do not feel comfortable taking out student loans. Fortunately, there are many scholarship programs targeted at nontraditional students and single parents that may help to make college an affordable option. Here are a few of the best scholarships for single mothers. 1. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund Since 1978, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has provided over 600 scholarships for single mothers. The scholarships are generally given to low-income women over the age of 35 attending undergraduate school or taking part in vocational programs. 2. The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Although this scholarship program is limited to residents of the state of Arkansas, it provides a great opportunity for single parents in need of tuition money. Since 1990, the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund has awarded over 22,000 scholarships for single mothers and single fathers. This scholarship fund works with affiliates at a local level to provide scholarships for single mothers and fathers living in Arkansas. 3. Raise the Nation Foundation Raise the Nation awards scholarships for single mothers and their children, making it a wonderful option for both single mothers wishing to return to school and single mothers sending their children to college. Raise the Nation assistance programs include Student Loan Repayment Grants, Scholarships For Continuing Education and Child of a Single Parent Woman Scholarships. Raise the Nation Student Loan Repayment Grants are great for single parents struggling to pay off outstanding loans. The repayment grants require single mothers to contribute an average of eight months of community volunteer work in order to have their loans paid off. These are just a few of the available scholarships for single mothers. Many community foundations, churches and local businesses also provide scholarships for single mothers. Single mothers should also explore nontraditional student scholarships, which are provided at many colleges and universities.

What are the names of some organizations in Toronto Ontario that offer financial help for single mothers?

There doesn't seem to be much information available but there is a program called Ontario Works which can help Ontario residents with financial help after providing some required information.