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Roughly 71% of Earth is covered by water and because that is well over half there is more water than land on Earths surface

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i think the land surface is bigger than the sea is just my perception

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Q: Is there more land in the ocean or land?
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Does global warming effect the land or the ocean more?

The ocean is in more danger than the land is as ocean currents control most of the land temperatures, so the ocean is effecting gobal warming more.

Which region of Antarctica has more wildlife the ocean or the land?

The ocean. The land is too dry.

Is there more oil from a land refinery or an ocean refinery?

Theres more oil from a land refinery than a ocean refinery

Does more precipitation fall over the ocean than over land?

True (there's more ocean than land).

Is there more ocean or land?

There is more ocean than land on Earth. Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface, while land makes up the remaining 30%.

Why is an earthquake in the ocean more dangerous than one on land?

An earthquake in the ocean is dangerous than on land because in the ocean if it occurs it can generate an earthquake which can cause more destruction than an earthaquake on land

What will happen when ocean to ocean plates converge?

it creates more land

Is the ocean big?

of course its big theres more ocean than land

What makes ocean breeze blow toward land by day?

The ocean warms more slowly than the land.

How does temperature and density have an effect on convection currents in the ocean?

The ocean has more density than the land. So therefore it takes more energy from the sun to warm up the ocean than the land. The land heats faster and cools of faster. It takes less energy to warm up the land than the ocean. This is why sea and land breezes occur.

What is land form?

land form is dessert, ocean,lake,mountains and more.

The ocean is more shallow blank to land?