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Q: Is there more red white or blue in union jack flag?
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What flags name is blue white red?

The Union Flag commonly known as the Union Jack is the blue, white and red flag of the UK.

What is the color configuration of the UK national flag?

The colors that are in the flag that represents the United Kingdom are red, white, and blue. These colors are set in a pattern that is called the Union Jack, which is one cross shape set on top of other.

What is the color of the UK flag?

Red, White and Blue. It is known as the Union Flag, or sometimes erroneously as the Union Jack.

What are the colours of Australia's flag?

Australia's flag is predominantly blue, with red and white on the Union Jack, and white stars.

What are the colors of britains flag?

The 'Union Jack' has three colours: Red, White and Blue.

What name is the blue white red flag?

There are several blue, white and red flags, the Union Flag (Union Jack) is blue , white and red flag of the UK, as is the Australian flag, the New Zealand flag and the US flag which also known as the Stars and Stripes.

What is the Australian flag made of?

Union jack and the southern cross. Blue , white, red

What is in the upper left-hand corner of the Australian flag?

The Union Jack (Union Flag) is in the upper left-hand corner of the Australia flag. "The Union Jack itself is a composite flag symbolizing the union of the historical components of the United Kingdom. It is composed of intersecting and overlayed red and white vertical and diagonal crosses on blue and white background." Source:

What does the red on the union jack mean?

The red follows from the flag of St. George, which is a red cross on a white background.

What does the blue on the union jack mean?

The blue colour on the Union Flag is from the Scottish Saltire.

What colour is the England flag?

The English flag is white with a red cross across it. Note that the English flag is different than the Union Jack, which is red, white, and blue.

How many blue triangles are there on the Union Jack Flag?