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yes you will be a freak! It would become a problem if you talk to someone else who is not there (ie an imaginary person), or if it is a constant need to talk if no-one is around. Try putting a radio on if you need "noise" around you. Not at all! Very many sane people (including myself) sometimes need to think aloud to clarify our thoughts. This is NOT a sign of insanity, unless maybe it is excessive and excludes normal conversation.

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Q: Is there something wrong with a person who talks to himself when no one else is around?
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A person who talks to himself?

A person who talks to himself is often seen as a crazy or insane person. This is because many people do not vocally talk to themselves.

What do you call someone who talks to himself make himself sounds like a very intelligent person?

I would rather say that if the person talks about how intelligent they are then i for an adult call it conceded.

What is dramatic monolock?

when a person talks to himself alone on the stage in the presence of audience about any matter or topic related to something,it is called dramatic monologue.

When a person talks with himself or herself are they sick?

yes! I'm afraid so.

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What does it mean when a boy won't talk to a girl but talks talks around them?

He may be unsure of himself, or afraid of possible rejection. Maybe he just likes to fantasise about her.

Who is the kind of person who talks to himself aloud?

A 'schizophrenic' -person with schizophrenia (mental disease). The person hears non existing voices and has hallucinations, to which they respond by talking out loud

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As usual, he's talking just to hear himself talk. :-)

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what do you call a person who talks very less

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An arrogant idiot.

Is a manipulater someone who talks you into doing something you know is not right but you do anyway then when they get mad condemn you for it and make you feel like your a bad person?