Is there sound underwater

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is there sound underwater
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Can sound travel underwater?


How do whales and other sea mammals communicate underwater?

they use underwater echo sound location!

What is the bloop as in the deep underwater sound?

That right there is sonar.

What are underwater sound detecting systems called?


Does the depth density of water affect sound underwater?

It makes the sound travel further

What would a guitar sound like underwater?

the guitar's sound will different in will ugly.

Why do divers hear better under water?

Sound travels faster underwater, but this does not mean that divers hear better underwater. It just means that the sound is heard more quickly.

How do dolphins communicate underwater?

By sending out sound

A devise that bounces sound waves off underwater objects is called?

SONAR (SOund Navigation And Ranging)

How do you use sound energy?

Sound waves are used as ultra sound for medical investigations, Sonar waves for underwater investigations and depths..

How deep can an underwater mp3 player work?

An underwater mp3 player can work with no hassle underwater so long as you do not go beyond 5 meters or 15 feet underwater in which the sound frequency would get messed up.

Does sound travel faster under water or in air?

underwater x