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Yes -- if both people agree that it's fine for each person to see/have sex with other people. It takes a lot of maturity and open mindedness to have that kind of relationship.

Some supposed "open relationships" are one sided--one of the people trying to get the other to accept them having affairs or indulging in threesomes. Basically, if you don't feel comfortable with the idea, tell then no.

An open relationship, as opposed to a monogamous relationship, simply means that one or both of the partners are not required to be sexually exclusive to the other. The exact nature of the rules regarding outside sexual partners varies from couple to couple.

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Q: Is there such a thing as an open relationship?
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Is an open relationship a serious relationship?

Seriously not

Are you agree in open relationship why?

open relationship is bring to joy life without any pressure!

What is the relationship between open ended and close ended questions?

An open ended question requires an answer and a response while a close ended question is basically the same thing as a yes or no question

What is the difference between a relationship and a open relationship?

a relationship is where you dedicate yourselves to one another in a open relationship you two and kinda together but you're allowed to see other people most people call open relationships "linking"

Whats the most important thing in a relationship?

Honesty and Trust and Respect. You must have these three things in order to have a healthy relationship. you Also need to be able to open up and express your feellings and emotions.

Do will smile and jade have a open relationship?

if open relationship you mean very close yes, but nothing weird of perveted.

How can you handle a long-distance relationship?

okay,the only thing i can say is this i myself am in the same relationship,in a very long distance relationship am in Asia and my galfriend is in Africa and to handle this type of relationship isn't easy at all but i can say the only thing which is needed is trust and believing that wherever he/she at, he/she does real care for your relationship,there are ups and downs so be ready to share, open to each other and see if it works, once it works the relationship is perfect.

What does in an open-relationship mean for your relationship status on facebook?

An open relationship is often when the person is proud of their partner or that it is not a secret that they r together and that they perform acts of love i.e. kissing in public. Well the above is completely wrong. an "open" relationship is where you are seeing sombody, but at the same time you are both allowed to see other people. Hence it is an "open" relationship.

The relationship between a thing or object and its meaning is?

The relationship between a thing or objects and its meanings is a system of meanings.

Im a straight guy but open-minded and is willing to be in a relationship with a guy but my friends just dont get it no matter what i say what can i do to convince them that im really not bi?

there is such thing as to much open minded. if your willing to be in a relationship with another man you are bi. but if you've changed your mind now and don't want to be in a relationship with a guy then tell them that and they might believe you.

What is the meaning of n-dubz song called Wouldn't You?

It's about a girl who's in an open relationship not wanting the relationship to be open anymore, about her wanting to be in an exclusive relationship

What does being in a open relationship mean?

in a relationship but you can see others as well

How do they get in a strong relationship?

You be friendly and open to someone, and if they are nice to you , you can start a relationship.

Willow Smith will have open relationship with rayray?

yes they will have a good relationship.

Are pagans in an open relationship?

yes they are...

What can an open relationship cause?

problems -_-

What is the mutualism relationship in the river?


What does open relationship mean?

As commonly used, an "open relationship" is one in which two parties in a relationship understand and accept the fact that one or both of the parties will "date" other people.

How will you feel if your spouse suggest to have an open relationship?

I would be really, really hurt. The reason you are married to to have an exclusive relationship. There is no such this as an "open marriage."

What does it mean when you are in an open relationship?

An open relationship is when two people are "together", but not exclusive so that they can basically call it off at any time.

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship, as opposed to a monogamous relationship, simply means that one or both of the partners are not required to be sexually exclusive to the other. The exact nature of the rules regarding outside sexual partners varies from couple to couple.An open relationship is often defined as two people who are romantically involved with one another yet still allow an open sexual relationship with other people.

What is Ethic between man and woman relationship?

A bi-sexual open relationship.

What does 'in an open relationship' mean?

I thinkk it means an honest relationship :)

What is a fear of relationsHip?

The fear of relationship is the fact that it does not end. Ending a relationship is the only thing that scares.

Can you say open relationship?

I think the questioner wants to know if 'open relationship' is a logical excpression in English. It certainly is, meaning a relationship in which the partners have outside sexual affiars without guilt.