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Is there such thing as a black or blue rose?

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No, there is no true Black or Blue roses in nature. There are roses that are called black roses or blue roses but these are usually just very deep red or purple roses. In the case of blue roses they are actually a purple rose with a bluish tint. In another example of a not so true black or blue rose, white roses are sometimes dyed to look black or blue. Until now it has not been possible to produce a blue rose, with most roses called 'blue' being shades of lavender or purple. The CSIRO have claimed to have produced a truly blue rose, and there is a link to their Web site to the left under Web Links. This also includes a discussion on why there have been no blue roses so far.

There are no black roses, only in fiction. Roses that are called 'black' are actually dark red.

ANSWER: In all rose varieties, one color was long missing-blue. The gene for producing blue, delphinidin, does not occur naturally in the rose family. However, after years of joint research by an Australian company and a Japanese company, a "blue" rose was created in 2004 using genetic engineering. Further effort is needed, though, to achieve a bluer hue. from Awake magazine article

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A black rose in fable?

The only thing the Black rose really does is help you marry Lady Gray

Is there such thing as a black tabby cat with blue eyes?

No there is not such thing as a black tabby cat with blue eyes.

Is there such a thing as a blue rose?

no, blue roses are usually made by dying white roses

What colors match khaki and rose?

khaki matches black and blue and rose matches black, pink, majenta, and all shades of red.

When a blue copper nitrate solution CuNO3 is mixed with a colorless sodium solution Na2S a black precipitate is formed?

No, a black precipitate is not formed because : when a blue thing is added with a colourless thing, it forms a blue thing. blue+nothing=blue.

Is there such thing as a naturally black rose?

no only in movies they are props

What color match with rose color?

Black, Tan, White, Royal Blue

Is a black and blue spider poisonous?

Black spider are poisonous but there are no such thing as spider.

Is there such thing as a blue roses?

Yess, there is such thing as a blue rose. But its not naturally colored blue. They are usually died that color. But if your looking to buy some then good luck because they are very hard to find.

What color would a red rose be if a blue light were shone on it?

If the pigment in the rose is pure red, the rose would appear black. However, few real objects are pure primary colours, so the likelihood is that the rose would not be completely black.

What is the botanical name for a black rose?

Roses do not genetically contain the pigments necessary for blue or black. They do not exist within the flower. There are various cultivars that may contain a deep shade red or light shade of violet. but you will never find a true black or true blue rose.

What bird has a blue body with a red breast and black head?

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

What colour would a red rose appear under blue light?

i think it would be black. :)

What was Henry VIII's favourite color?

light pink because of the red rose and white rose colours mixed together.

What shade of blue is a blue rose?

It depends where the rose grows and what rose it is. It could be dark blue, light blue, or a turpuoise color. These are the most popular colors

Is there any such thing as a truly Blue colored Rose?

No, there is not. True blue is a very difficult color to maintain in a flower and very few flowers anywhere are known to have it, though a Japanese horticultural firm is working on creating a genetically modifed blue rose, though success has thus far eluded them. Additionally, blue flower pigments are very unstable chemically, and the color is dependent on the pH of the flower tissue, which is why blue morning glories turn pink as they age. The same thing is likely to occur with any 'blue rose'.

Is Amy Rose blue?

Amy Rose (the hedgehog) is not blue, she's pink!

How do black rose grow?

There is no pure black rose variety.

What do blue rose symbolize?

The Blue Rose is a very rare rose indeed.=Many TRUE blue roses are a lighter shade of blue, the darker shades you see around are possible because of the dye we alter them with. But since the Blue Rose is so special and rare.==This rose symbolizes Mystery, and Imagination.=

Is there such a thing as BLUE cats?

Not blue as in the way you might think. Blue is the term given to cats that are a blueish-gray, a dilute form of black.

What is the blue thing that comes out of black rock shooters eye?

It's a flame.

In the 1998 drama Pleasantville what is the first thing in the black-and-white world to turn color?

a rose

Is black rose or the seeds of black rose are found in Pakistan?


What is the duration of The Black Rose?

The duration of The Black Rose is 2 hours.

How do you say black rose and white rose in Japanese for a name?

Black Rose is ブラック ・ ローズ and White Rose is ホワイト ・ ローズ