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Is there such thing as ghosts?

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First Of All They Are Not Called 'Ghosts' They Are Called Spirits!

U Cannot Predict Whether 'Spirits Are Real Or Not Untill U Actually See One. The Only Way To Find Out Is To Play The Original 'Spirit Game' Aslo Known As 'Frisbee' WARNING: U Must Never Play This Alone Otherwise Bad Spirits Will Come Out, Play It With A Maximum Of 2 People Or More!

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Do ghosts come out in Alcatraz?

No there is no such thing as ghosts.

Are there ghosts in Purcellville Virginia?

There is no such thing as ghosts, so no, there are no ghosts in Purcellville, Virginia.

Do ghosts from the Titanic haunt us?

NO! There is no such thing as ghosts.

Can I talk to the ghosts on the ghost radar for the iPod?

no there is no such thing as ghosts No such thing as ghosts, you say? I used to say the same thing until I actually encountered one. Ghosts are very real, and it will completely change your way of thinking when you encounter them.

Can ghosts harm you?

There is no such thing as Ghosts. no ghosts can not harm you but poltregeists can. they,re what throw crap around and at you.

Are there ghosts in Alcatraz?

no because there are no such thing as ghosts.

Is there a god of ghosts?

2 ways to answer that....1. Ask them.2. NO as there is NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS!

Are ghosts real on Club Penguin?

Members of ClubPenguin can dress up as ghosts, but no there are no such thing as real ghosts on club penguin

Is there such thing as ghosts in this country?


Is there ghost in sundarban?

No,there is no such thing as ghosts.

Are ghosts afraid of humans?

There is no such thing as ghosts. But if there is they like to scare humans they dont get scared of us

Are spirits and ghosts the same thing?


What is the first thing that ghosts do when they get in the car?

They float

What do you do if somebody is haunting your house?

There is no such thing as ghosts.

Do ghosts go to small apartments?

no, there is no such thing as ghost

What do ghosts have to do with religion?

religions have only one thing to do with ghosts you can usually get rid of a ghost by calling upon god.

Are there a such thing as living ghosts and dead ghosts?

yes there are ghost or rather beings visible only to certain humans.

What are some popular unanswered questions about ghosts?

Are they real, are they made of gases or are they really ghosts or spirits? Who was the first ghost if such thing?

Creaking noises in your house are made by ghosts Can it be explained by science?

yes, it's called your house is settling and there is no such thing as ghosts

Is ghost adventures done by animation?

Yes there are no such thing as ghosts

Can you get rid of ghosts yourself?

There is no such thing as ghosts. The way you can "remove" them is by finding out what your actually hearing, seeing or feeling. There is a rational explanation to everything.

Are ghosts individual souls or demonsdevil What is the difference?

The difference between demons and ghosts is that some ghosts can supposedly be evil but all demons are supposedly evil. Luckily, the thing that ghosts and demons do have in common is that both are not real. Both are made up concepts by humans. There are no ghosts, no angels and no demons.

Is there such thing as gosts?

I really don't believe in ghosts but I don't think there is really goat in the world people claim that they see ghosts but they just want to make money to say that they see ghosts

Do ghosts be nice or real mean?

THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!!! you only see them if you believe no such thing though okay everyone

Are ghosts true?

no ghosts are not true because all that you see are made by the devil. you may see something terrible but that thing will be like a family of you.