Is there volleyball in Bulgaria?

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Yes it is! Bulgaria are very good at volley. Bulgarian team CSKA was at semi final in CEV cup this year and the national team is 3th at the last European championship.
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Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in SE Europe next to Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. It is west of the Black Sea. at the bottom of Europe

What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport played on a 30x30 gym, outside or a beach court with 6 players in a gym and 2 players on a beach. Invented by William G Morgan. Volleyball is played with 3 contacts called a pass (bump), set (volley) and a hit (spike). In order to be successful in this sport you need to be comm ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of Bulgaria?

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia (Sofija, Sophia,Sophija, София). Use the link below to check facts and learn more. The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia. The total population isaround 1.28 million people and is the largest city in Bulgaria.It's located at Mount Vitosha. Regina S ( Full Answer )

What is a volleyball?

A volleyball is a round spherical object that is filled with air to give is bouncablity and make it able to pass easily. Usually comes in a variety of sizes and colours.. hot chicks hit them

Who is the President of Bulgaria?

Rumen Georgiev Radev is the President of Bulgaria. He succeededRosen Plevneliev on 2017 January 22 becoming the 6th President ofBulgaria. Radev's Vice President is Iliana Iotova.

What does Bulgaria export?

A few of Bulgaria's most important exports are food and beverages such as wine, cheese, and yogurt. These exports reached to Middle East countries and to Japan.

What is the climate in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria features notable diversity, with the landscape ranging from the Alpine snow-capped peaks in Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains to the mild and sunny Black Sea coast; from the typically continentalDanubian Plain (ancient Moesia) in the north to the strong Mediterranean climatic influence i ( Full Answer )

Where are there airports in Bulgaria?

Yes, there are. 3 major ones, in Sofia (the capital), in Varna (the so called sea side capital) and in Burgas (which is also on the black sea coast). Numerous other small/military airfields scattered around the country.

What is the climate of Bulgaria?

Bulgaria's Climate Bulgaria is country in the moderate temperature zone. Like all other European countries it has typical 4 seasons (and they are visible and felt as well). They are SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER. In the Summer the average temp is between 25-30 deg (for month July), but it can r ( Full Answer )

How big is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is 110,910km 2 360km 2 of which is water and 110,910km 2 is land

When was Bulgaria created?

Bulgaria known today is created between 600 and 681 year B.C. Before this Bulgaria there was more 12 Bulgarias with this name trough the centruries wich existed in the same time.

Can you get served in Bulgaria?

Served by whom and for what? If it is in Class One restaurent of a 5+ star category hotel, the waiter/waitress would even greet you by "Dobre Doshli" Welcome, 6 different International languages!

What is the continent of Bulgaria?

Europe Its in Europe. Europe Bulgaria is located on the European continent. It's in the south east Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. Europe

Who is the queen of Bulgaria?

There is no queen of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is now a republic and it has a President not a monarch. Bulgaria has had different forms of government, but it has not been a monarchy since the early part of the 20th century.

What sports does Bulgaria have?

There are a lot of sports. The most popular is football. There are also volleyball wrestling basketball athletics and many more

What is in a volleyball?

well actually nothing it just has air inside it .!? But not always it can have foam in it too.

What does a volleyball do?

Volleyball is a ball that takes ver hard hits. This is a tough question. They do bounce and take very hard hittings.

When is it winter in Bulgaria?

Like in most of the Northern Hemisphere, the winter in Bulgaria takes place from November-December, up to January-February.

What is hi in Bulgaria?

"Здрасти" [zdrA-sti], which is considered impolite to say to someone you don't know. Alternatively, you can use the more polite way, which equals "Hello" in English : "Здравей" [zdra-vEi] - singular, unofficial way, usually to someone you know personall ( Full Answer )

What do people do in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is Eurpean Nation country and its a full member of the EU. So people here in Bulgaria do the same activities, they do in rest of the Europe. Still people from people differs, cultures dffers too. Here are some points of interest. a. Bulgarians speak in Bulgarski, and write in Cyrillic b. Co ( Full Answer )

What are customs in Bulgaria?

Actually, I was born in Bulgaria. For Christmas, my family would make an odd number of foods, and then we would sit and eat. Also, when there is a special holiday, we would dance our national dance, the Horo, (ho-rrrrro), the r a hard sound. then, there is Lazarus. In Lazarus, it is a girl's thing, ( Full Answer )

How did Bulgaria get the name Bulgaria?

Bulgaria gets its name from the Bulgar people, who migrated from Central Asia to Eastern Europe in the 7th century. They established Old Great Bulgaria (roughly where Ukraine is today) and later, some of them settled on the Balkans and mixed with the local Slavic and Thracian populations. They fough ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you can climb the mountains, play in the snow in the winter,Sun bathe on the beach in the summer,enjoy the wonderful culture and food, swim in one of the refreshing rivers or just enjoy your time with the locals

How was Bulgaria formed?

Han Asparukh, warrior was searching for some new land to rule andeventually settle. It was 681 AD. He started his journey, crossedDaniube and reached to the Black sea. He had no means how to crossthe sea. Moreover his soldiers were tired after a long journey.Hospitality of the local slavs was anothe ( Full Answer )

What do they eat in Bulgaria?

staple food is bread (loaf). milk products (cheese), meat and meat products (sausages), bean type pulses, vegetables are common

Does Bulgaria outsource?

The answer could be yes, but to reply in full, the questioner must write of the 'aspect of outsourcing'.

What products are in Bulgaria?

Pls. formulate well your question, ask concrete matter, and do write good and understanable English pls. If someone tries to guess, may be you are asking What produces Bulgaria or Which products (GOODS) are exported by Bulgaria. Please be specific. We want to help you.

What topography is there in Bulgaria?

With a territory of 110,994 square kilometers (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria ranks as the 16th-largest country in Europe. Several mountainous areas define the landscape, most notably the Stara Planina (Balkan) and Rodopi mountain ranges, as well as the Rila range, which includes the highest peak in the Ba ( Full Answer )

Is Bulgaria in Russia?

No. Even though the languages look the same, they are not the same country. Actually, The Russians adapted the Bulgarian language and altered it a bit. Russia is mostly in Asia, but has a small portion in Europe.

Are there sharks in Bulgaria?

The spiny dogfish shark is an ocean species that is also found in the Black Sea, along the coast of Bulgaria.

Does Bulgaria have a president?

Yes, Bulgaria has a president, whom is head of state. Bulgaria also has a prime minister who is considered the leader of the country.

How do you get a job in Bulgaria?

As in any other civilized country, you apply for it. Bigger companies have HR departments, smaller have at least one HR professional, to whom you refer your application. Documents usually required in such application are a CV (the official EU format is preferred, although not always required), and s ( Full Answer )

What are the borders of Bulgaria?

North Border is mainly by River Danube (with Romania), On the West with Serbia and Macedonia, On the South with Greece, and South-East with Turkey and The Full Eastern side is sea belt of Black Sea

What hotels are there in Bulgaria?

Go to this web site, it has all of the hotels in Bulgaria. Hotel Mirage in Burgas (by the sea ) is really cool .

What cost is Bulgaria on?

In a four membered family living in the urban area having in total 2000 leva (1000 euro), that may be sufficient as a intectual middle class. It means : Family of four: husband and wife both working .

What the is volleyball?

volleyball is a game that involves two teams divided by a net with measures of 6 feet to 7 feet :) it consists of spiking,passing,blocking,setting the ball and serve. a team wins by making the most points and getting to 25 points. Categories 11-12, 13-14 and up) 1-2, 3-4 ,5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 are until ( Full Answer )

Does Bulgaria has mountains?

Yes, the highest top on the Balkans is situated in Bulgaria in Rila mountain and is called Musala - 2925m

When did Hitler get Bulgaria?

Hitler did not "get" Bulgaria. In fact, Bulgaria was one of the Axis powers during WWII, thus allied with Germany.

Is it hot in Bulgaria?

Climate in Bulgaria is moderate, although summers can get hot, especially in the south/western part of the country.

What contenint is Bulgaria in?

Bulgaria is situated in the South-eastern end of Europe, bordering the Black sea to the East, Turkey and Greece to the South, FYROM and Serbia to the West and Romania to the North.

Does Bulgaria have rivers?

Most of the Northern border of Bulgaria is defined by the Danube. A few other big rivers run trough the country, although none of them floatable - Maritsa, Struma, Iskar, to name a few.

What is the leader of Bulgaria?

President Rumen RADEVis head of state and Prime Minister BoykoBORISSOV is the head of government.

Is Bulgaria in the east?

In geographical sense (from Europe main), its in the South. At the time of Communism, some countries were called as...So called East'. Even Central European countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia were called Eastern Block

What are storties in Bulgaria?

In brief. Han Asparukh built the country Bulgaria in 681 AD. ThenHans ruled, later it became Monarchy. In 1944 the communist came topower, made Bulgaria a People's Republic. They were in power till1989. In 1992 constitution was changed, democratic reforms made andBulgaria became a Republic

Is Bulgaria a nation?

Bulgaria is a nation, capital Sofia. Population 7.364 million people. The first Bulgarian Empire was created on 881

What do you have to do to be in volleyball?

well if you can bump set spike/hit call understand and serve thenyou should be set to go. make sure that your doing it right so youdon't violate any of these rules.

What are the jobs in Bulgaria?

all kinds of jobs, like other EU countries. Highly payable is IT,European law, Corporate management