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Q: Is this a exclamatory sentence don't give up on your dreams?
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Example of exclamatory sentence?

give strong feelings

Can you give an exclamatory sentence?

Hey what are you doing in my room!

Can you give me a exclamatory sentence using the word MYSELF?

I'll be keeping thatlittle secret to MYSELF!!

Can you give me a sentence for the word digestive?

My had to remove her digestive sentence in he dreams

When will you get to the top is that a declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?

Well, this sentence is an interrogative sentence. When a sentence is a question, it is an interrogative sentence. Imperative sentences give commands or requests, declarative sentences declare things like: I went to the park today. Exclamatory sentences are said with feeling.

What does an imperative and an exclamatory look like?

an exclamatory sentence is a sentence that show sudden or strong feeling example: oh my that monster is crazy!an imperative sentence is one that gives a command or makes a request example 1: fret not thyself because of evildoers.example 2: give me liberty or give me death!

What is the meaning of the song Eye of the Tiger?

dont give up on your dreams even if they seem unrealistic. dont forget your dreams of the past

Can you give a sentence for the word chronology?

i dont no

Can you give examples of exclamatory sentences?


Give the 4 kinds of sentence according to purpose?

A declarative sentence which makes a statement: Today is beautiful. The interrogative sentence which asks a question: What time will they arrive? The exclamatory sentence which shows a strong feeling: I am really disgusted at you! The imperative sentence which gives a command: Give this to the manager.

Can you give sentence using the word rhapsody?

Lorraine was in rhapsody when she was accepted to the college of her dreams.

Can you give me a hug imperative or interrogative sentence?

I dont know

Can you give me a sentence using the word farthest?

i dont know can you

What is the example of a simple sentences?

give 5 example of exclamatory

Give an example of exclamatory?

Alas!the baby fell down

Make a sentence with embarrass?

Please give me a sentence of embarrass

Can you give me a sentence with the word homonym?

I dont know im looking for that to

Can you give me a sentence using complicate?

i dont want to complicate things

Would you Give example of an exclamatory?

The World Trade Center has been hit!

Can you give an example of sentence using rejoinder?

a. i dont approve the abortionb. Neither do Ic. I dont eithertHat the example of REJOINDER

How do you use the word amiable in a sentence?

i dont give a amiable):<33 yourr welcomee

What is vertebrate give sentence?

vertebrate i dont know?? im asking nga e!

Can you give me a sentence using appreciation?

I dont appreciate this question!! i do not appreciate your behavior today

Can you give a sentence of stingy?

If you are going to be so stingy, then i dont want to be your friend anymore.

Give you a sentence using the word wrong?

Dont ever tell a teacher that they are wrong!