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No it is not.

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Q: Is this website an appropriate academic source?
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What would be an appropriate source for an academic evaluative essay about cell phones?

Consumer reports

Is wikipeadia a appropriate source for an academic paper?

No. Use the internet to find primary sources.

Is answers com a reliable source?

Answers is a credible website. But for academic writing, it would likely be judged as unacceptable because answers can be edited.

What defines appropriate academic and social behavior?


Is it plagarism when copying answers from wikianswers?

Yes, copying answers from WikiAnswers without proper attribution or citation can be considered plagiarism. It is important to provide credit to the original source of information to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.

What do you look for in order to determine if a website would be a suitable source for an academic paper?

1: Does the website clearly identify authorship? (Who wrote the material and what are their qualifications?) 2: Does the website cite its own sources? (Where are they getting their facts from?) 3: Does the website have an obvious "agenda"? (Does the website have a clearly stated goal to reject some ideas and uphold others?) None of these are automatic reasons to reject a source, but they are good questions to ask about all sources: online, print, personal communication etc. In principle I think that any source could potentially be suitable for an academic paper, as long as the inherent weaknesses and biases are recognized, but all should be taken with a grain of salt.

What is the best website for academic help?

The best website for academic help can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. For me that is workingment. It provide best services related to any academic help

What is the best website ever and what do you do?

www.mashedpotato360.webs.comit's the ACADEMIC HATERSSSS website

What Internet source provides accurate information on the history of linguistics?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a reliable internet source that provides accurate information on the history of linguistics. Another reputable source is the Linguistic Society of America website, which offers information on the field of linguistics and its history.

Who are appropriate references?

Appropriate references are individuals who can attest to your professional abilities, work ethic, and character. They are typically former supervisors, colleagues, or clients who can provide insight into your skills and qualifications for a job or academic program. It is important to choose references who know your work well and can speak positively about your performance.

What is the appropriate academic regalia for the recipient of a Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa?

The appropriate academic regalia for a recipient of a Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa typically includes a black gown, a velvet tam or round cap, and tassel, as well as other ceremonial elements such as hood and stole in the academic institution's colors. The regalia signifies the honorary nature of the degree and distinguishes it from earned academic degrees.

Where do you put a code on your website?

You put the code on your website in the source. Source contains all the coding you have done for the website.