Super Mario Brothers

Is toad from Mario brothers a boy or girl?


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A boy. Girl toads look like this:


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I think that blue toad from mario is a boy. Besides, he is blue!

Toad is a boy, todette is a girl.

A girl toad has a pink color at the under part of their body and a boy toad has an orange color at the under part of their body.

You can tell if a toad is a boy or girl by looking at their tumbs on the front legs. Boys have thicker thumbs than girls.

i think Magikoopa from mario is a boy

By looking at its skin and size

i think the boy is smaller and bumpyer,and the girl is softer and bigger

Females are usually larger. Males have a loose flap of skin under their throats.

here is a website showing the many differences between male and female toads.

You don't have to name it this, (we have a horny toad) but you could name girl horny toad Mrs. Horny, Mrs. Toad, or any name you approve of. You could name a boy horny toad the sames things with Mr.

well all toads are boys and all frogs are girls

The Jonas Brothers would call their children: Joe: Kayla for a girl Daniel for a boy Nick: Sabrina for a girl Oliver for a boy Kevin: Lidianna for a girl Maxim for a boy

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a good name for a baby toad boy or girl is... Frogger, Froggy, Jumpy, Jumper

the way you can tell the gender is that a female has longer spots and has a longer middle finger on the hind feet.

A boy band is a band with nothing but boys. If there were a girl in the band officially, then it wouldn't be. So yes, the Jonas Brothers are a boy band. -PlutoLover101

From Mario? Well, it says in Super Mario Bros. 2 that he's a boy, but thinks he's a girl. Although, in later games Birdo is described as a girl. It hasn't been all boy, or all girl. It might be a different Birdo with a different gender, or it might be able to change genders. But yes, Birdo definitely was a boy in Super Mario Bros. 2. Maybe someone tricked it into thinking he was a girl.

Hey Boy Hey Girl- by the Chemical brothers is the one with the skeletons.

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Princess peach is a princess and princesses are not boy also she would not kiss mario when he saves her and she does kiss mario so yeah peach is a girl.

No, boy Toads are not bigger than girls. Girl toads are bigger than boys. in most frog and toad species females are bigger than males.

The only way I know of to find out if the frog or toad is either female or male is when you dissect it, if it is a female you will see black clumps of what are eggs. And if it is a male you will not see these egg clumps.

In Mario, the YOSHI is a boy. BUT... There r girl yoshis on Yoshi island!

It depends on where you live, i live in Columbus Ohio, and found my toad in my backyard (and boy am i lucky!).

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