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A boy. Girl toads look like this:

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โˆ™ 2009-08-28 20:40:13
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Q: Is toad from Mario brothers a boy or girl?
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Is Mario toad a boy or girl?

a boy

Is blue toad from New Super Mario Bros a boy or a girl?

I think that blue toad from mario is a boy. Besides, he is blue!

Is yellow toad from New Super Mario Bros Wii a boy or a girl?


Is the blue toad from new super Mario bros wii a boy or a girl?


Is Toad a boy or a girl?

Toad is a boy, todette is a girl.

How can you tell a girl toad from a boy toad?

A girl toad has a pink color at the under part of their body and a boy toad has an orange color at the under part of their body.

How can you tell if a toad is a boy or girl?

You can tell if a toad is a boy or girl by looking at their tumbs on the front legs. Boys have thicker thumbs than girls.

Is magikoopa from Mario a girl or a boy?

i think Magikoopa from mario is a boy

How do you tell if a toad is a boy girl?

how you tell if a toad is a boy or girl is look at its features, If skin is very bumpy it is usually a male, if the arms look flat or not muscular then it is probably a girl

Is Yoshi from Mario Bros a girl or a boy?


How do you tell the difference between a girl and boy fire bellied toad?

i think the boy is smaller and bumpyer,and the girl is softer and bigger

How can you tell a girl toad apart of a boy toad?

Females are usually larger. Males have a loose flap of skin under their throats.

Is Wiggler from Mario Super Sluggers a boy or girl?

wiggler is a boy.

Is pit from super smash brothers brawl a boy or a girl?


In Ff12 is larsa a boy or girl?

Larsa is a boy. He does sound like a girl, but he and Lord Vayne are brothers.

How do you tell from a girl toad or a boy toad?

here is a website showing the many differences between male and female toads.

How do you know if its a girl or a boy toad?

well all toads are boys and all frogs are girls

What do you name a hornytoad?

You don't have to name it this, (we have a horny toad) but you could name girl horny toad Mrs. Horny, Mrs. Toad, or any name you approve of. You could name a boy horny toad the sames things with Mr.

What names would the Jonas brothers choose for their children?

The Jonas Brothers would call their children: Joe: Kayla for a girl Daniel for a boy Nick: Sabrina for a girl Oliver for a boy Kevin: Lidianna for a girl Maxim for a boy

How can you tell a boy toad form a girl toad?

As in most frogs and toads, females are much larger. Females also lay eggs, and are generally more aggressive.

What are good girl names for baby toads or frogs?

a good name for a baby toad boy or girl is... Frogger, Froggy, Jumpy, Jumper

Is Shadow a girl or a boy in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games?

What do you think? Of course he's a boy!

How many children does Mario cimarro have?


How do tell a boy fire belly toad from a girl fire belly toad?

the way you can tell the gender is that a female has longer spots and has a longer middle finger on the hind feet.

Are the Jonas Brothers a boy band?

A boy band is a band with nothing but boys. If there were a girl in the band officially, then it wouldn't be. So yes, the Jonas Brothers are a boy band. -PlutoLover101