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Because "black water" means "water that we can't use", and "grey water" means "water that we can use".

The definition of grey water is that it is waste water that is safe to use (other than for drinking) without treatment. The definition of black water is that it is waste water that requires treatment before re-use. If you have water that you can use, then by definition it isn't black. If you have black water, then whatever reason that it is black is the reason that you can't use it.

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using grey water is agood thing because it helps a plants to grow faster, and because it has a chemical that helps planst

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Q: Is using grey water a good or bad for the environment?
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Why sewers are good?

They transport "grey water" (runoff, toilet, sink, washing machine, etc) to a water treatment plant to be processed, and in turn returned to the environment (usually to a river, lake, etc). If we didn't have sewers, we'd be sick. A lot. All the time.

What is the difference between tap water and grey water?

Tap water is generally potable water, able to be used for cooking and drinking (this depends on the country and area you live in). Grey water is used water ie washing water that is let down the drain, again this is dependant on the country and area you live in . Many people are using grey water for plants or in some cases purifying it again for drinking

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Grey is the label for waste water that has been used for washing, showering, washing up etc. It is not expected to carry a heavy load of germs, yet it is unsuitable for drinking water. It can be helpful in dry climates to water plants with

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