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Is vince McMahon really in a coma?

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No, it's just a storyline.

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Is WWE vince McMahon in a coma?

not in real life, only on show

Is vince McMahon hurt?

no vince mcmahon is not hurt

Who Is Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon is the chairman of the WWE.

Is vince McMahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead.

Is vince mcmahon a satanist?

No, Vince McMahon is not a Satanist.

Is Stephanie McMahon the daughter of Vince McMahon?

Yes she is the daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon.

Has Vince McMahon had affairs?

did vince mcmahon had love affiars

Is Vince McMahon really Irish?

Yes.His background is Irish

Is vince mchmanon really buying tna?

It is unknown. The only ones that can answer that is Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett.

Did RKO really kick Vince McMahon?

Yes the kick is not fake

When was Vince McMahon born?

Vince McMahon was born on August 24, 1945.

How many children does Vince McMahon have?

Vince Mcmahon has 2 kids Shane Brandon Mcmahon and his daughtor Stephanie Marie McMahon - Levesque

Will Bret hart beat vince McMahon at WrestleMania?

Nobody really knows. He but he could get screwed again. By Vince

Who Created The Attitude Era Vince Russo or Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon is credited for creating the Attitude Era.

Is vince McMahon a free mason?

No, Vince McMahon is not a Freemason as of 1/1/2010.

From where did mr mc man get the money to start WWE?

vince McMahon didn't start the wwe. his father vince McMahon sr passed down the wwe to vince. and when vince McMahon passes, it will either go to Shane or Stephanie McMahon.

Is vince McMahon really injured?

yes he is having hip replacement surgery

Vince McMahon sold raw for?

Vince McMahon Sold Rae For 3 Billion Dollors.

What is the birth name of Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon's birth name is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

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