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Q: Is water bath good for canning sweet potatoes?
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What is the first step in canning apples in a water bath?

Peel the apples ?????

Do you need to sterilize jars when water bath canning?

You should always sterilize canning jars before using.

When canning can jars be placed in a water bath if they have already sealed?

You can reuse the canning jars but you would need to buy replacement seals. Most grocery stores carry them.

Can you use a water bath for canning zucchini?

While the traditional teaching is no, all canning with perhaps the canning of meat products can be done in a water bath canner. It is important that you maintain the highest possible temperature for fifteen to twenty minutes. It may be necessary to keep extra water boiling to keep the canner water level high enough though. Since zucchini is a low acid food the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) does not recommend canning zucchini in either a hot water bath or a pressure bath. Not only is zucchini a low acid food but when prepared for canning (cooked) it compresses down quite a bit and becomes dense. There is not adequate approved research that documents the amount of time necessary to process zucchini in either the hot water bath or pressure bath method. Personally, I would freeze it. The NCHFP has a terrific website for all methods of canning and preserving (including freezing and drying) fruits, vegetables, and meats.

How long does it take for water to boil?

It depends on the amount of heat, the salinity of the water, the surface area of the container, and the altitude. For canning purposes, using a non-glass top range, 6-8 cups of water can take 5 to 10 minutes (for steam canning), while 4 gallons takes about 30 minutes (for water bath canning).

When would one utilize a water bath?

A water bath is used for canning. A water bath canner is a very large pot and holds at least seven quart jars. The jars should be submerged in one to two inches of water. There is usually a rack with handles so it is easy to take the jars out when finished.

Why do you boil lids before canning when they will be boiled during the process anyway?

Sometimes you boil the lids and sometimes you don't. If you are canning with either a hot water bath or in a pressure cooker, you do not need to boil the lids. If you are canning something that is put into the jar hot and is not going to be processed in the the bath or pressure cooker, you boil the lid to soften the rubber in the lid that forms the seal.

How do you seal canning jars?

The heat from the pressure canner or boiling water bath will cause a vacuum seal as it cools once you've removed the jar from the hot water.

What is needed to start caning at home?

Following are the items needed to begin canning at home: water bath canner, pressure canner and cooker, canning rack, jars, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, wide neck canning funnel. In addition, there are canning kits available that make obtaining materials easier.

Can tomato skins be left on when canning tomatoes in water bath?

Does not matter one way or the other. They will get just as hot and seal the same way regardless.

What's the easiest kind of pressure canner for beginner use?

A water bath canner is amongst the more popular canning devices for beginners as it is easier to use. If you are a beginner you can look here on tips for canning and why canning is better as opposed to other methods such as freezing.

Why are my pint canning jars breaking when I put them in my water bath canner?

The most common reason for jar breakage is thermal shock. Either you are putting cold food into hot jars, or hot food into cold jars, or cold jars into boiling water.To prevent jars breaking when putting them into a water bath, begin by washing your jars in hot water. If the water in your sink is not too hot for your hands, it will not shock the jars. After rinsing, put them immediately into the water bath and fill it over the top of the jars with hot tap water. Bring the jars to a boil and let them remain there for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, turn off the heat, and let the jars remain in the water bath until you are ready to fill them. Fill hot jars with hot food. lid and ring the jars and return them immediately tot he water bath (if you are hot bath canning--if you are pressure canning, put the jars into the pressure canner rack and fill the canner with hot water after the jars are all in place. (DO NOT PUT COLD WATER OVER HOT FILLED JARS).

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