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homogeneous- it's a pure substance

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Is sea water homogeneous or heterogenous?

Sea water / Salt water is homogeneous

Is tap water heterogenous?

No, it is homogeneous.

Is paint homogeneous or heterogenous?

it is homogeneous,not heterogenous

Is water heterogenous?

No. Water is a compound and thus homogeneous.

Is sea water heterogenous?

Sand free sea water is homogeneous.

Is oil and water a homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Oil and water form a heterogenous mixture.

Is salt water a heterogenous or homogenous mixture?

Salt water is a homogeneous mixture (solution).

Is salt water heterogenous or homogenous mixtures?

When completely dissolved, salt water is homogeneous.

Is Ibuprofen a heterogenous or homogeneous mixture?

Ibuprofen is actually a pure substance and is neither heterogenous or homogeneous.

Is GASOLINE heterogenous or heterogenous?

Gasoline is a homogeneous solution.

What kind of mixture is soil homogeneous or heterogenous?

Soil would be a heterogenous mixture. A heterogenous mixture is not uniform throught out. A homogeneous mixture is the same throught out

Are salt and water a heterogenous mixture?

No. They make a homogeneous mixture called a solution.

Is a hotdog a homogeneous or a heterogenous mixture?

A hotdog is a heterogenous mixture.

Is cough syrup homogeneous or heterogenous?

heterogeneous because it is a suspension and will eventually settle into separate components

Is air homogeneous or heterogenous?

Air is a homogeneous mixture of gases.

Is selenium heterogenous?

no. it is an element and will be homogeneous

How can you tell when a mixture is homogeneous or Heterogenous?

In a homogeneous mixture the components are indistinguishable.

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