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The compound water, H2O is made of hydrogen and oxygen, both non-metals.

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Is ice a metal or non metal?

Ice is a non-metal. It is frozen water.

Which non metal is used in water purification process?

Chlorine is the non-metal which is used for the purification of water

How do you differentiate a metal from a nonmetal using instrument?

A metal conducts heat better than a nonmetal. If you put a metal and a non-metal in boiling water for the same amount of time, the metal will be hotter than the non-metal. If you put a metal and non-metal in ice water for the same amount of time, the metal will be colder than the non-metal. Also, metal conducts electricity better than non-metal. You can use metal and non-metal wires to conduct a battery, and see which one works better.

Is H2O a metal non metal or metalloid?

Neither. water is a compound.

What causes low conductivity.... metal plus metal or non-metal plus non-metal or metal plus non-metal?

well, not metal+metal, but for the other 2 you'd have to specify, because water+metal=good conductivity & just water or another liquid = good conductivity. now stone, it is a horrible conductor.

Why non metal do not react with water?

Sulfur doesn't react with water.

Why is water classified as neither a metal nor a non metal?

This is because H20, as you can see has two DIFFERENT elements, which makes it a compound, a metal or non-metal are usually ELEMENTS.

Does the hardness of water depend upon the metal or non metal ion of the mineral?

The hardness of water depends primarily on the concentration and chemical identities of the metal cations dissolved in the water. The non metal ions dissolved in the water have little effect unless the particular ions are capable of forming coordinate covalent bonds to the metal ions.

Why is water not a metal or non metal?

In chemistry, the terms metal and nonmetal are reserved for elements. Water is a compound of two different elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Which non metal is a good conductor of electricity?

water is not a good example because it is a compound not a non metal graphite is a non metal and also good conductor of electricity.this is an exeption in physical properties of metals

Is water an ionic compound or a covalent?

Ionic compounds form only between a metal and a non-metal. In water, the elements are Hydrogen and Oxygen, which are both non-metals. Therefore, water is a covalent compound.

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