Is water vapour released through water vapour during transpiration?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Yes, water vapor is released through a process called transpiration.

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Q: Is water vapour released through water vapour during transpiration?
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What gaseous by product is released from the leaves?

water vapour is released through process called transpiration

Where does the water of the plant go?

Water is used by the plant for photosynthesis and is released from the plant during transpiration as water vapour

During the process of transpiration the plant releases?

The water vapor is acctually released by the leaves, not the stems, roots, or flowers.

Do plants lose water through transpiration?

Transpiration is the movement of water vapor out of a plant and into the air. Water vapor is gas.

How is water purified by the forests?

Rather simplified: The trees take up water (and nutrients) from the soil through their roots. Then, by a process known as transpiration (in which plants release water vapour from their leaves during photosynthesis), water vapour is released from the leaves. This is likely to create a localised climate and create the wet environment of a rain forest.

What are the differences between osmosis and transpiration?

The movement of water molecules from its region of higher concentration to lower concentration of its region is called osmosis. Transpiration is the loss of water in the form of water vapour from the aerial parts of a plant.

What is the process called when water vapour is lost from leafs?

The process of leaves giving off water vapor is transpiration.

Trees let water vapour into the sky?


What is the prosses in which water vapor escapes the leaf?


What is the process when water vapour leaves leaf cells?

The process of water vapour leaving the cells in the leaf is called Osmosis.The process of water vapour leaving the Stoma (The leaf) is called Transpiration.

What is the name of the process when the water vapour escapes from the leaf?


What is the loss of water vapour from a plant called?