Is whale a predator

Updated: 9/24/2023
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All whales use predation, just not in how we commonly think of it, such as with the great Blue Whales, which eat Krill or Sperm Whales, which hunt Giant and Colossal Squid. All whales eat some form of animal, thus making them predators.

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Q: Is whale a predator
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How does a killer whale stay away from predators?

A killer whale is actually an apexial predator. There is no predator for them.

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Who is the predator to humpback whale?

Probably Humans or a killer whale

Which whale is the top predator orca or sperm whale?


What is the predator of the killer whale?


What are mammoths predator?

a killer whale

Who is the predator of the giant squid?

The sperm whale.

What is a predator of a blue whale?

Sharkes and people

What is a moose's natural predator?

Believe it or not, the largest natural predator of a moose is the killer whale or orca.

Is the blue whale a predator?

to krill but other then that ... no not really

What is the predator of a goldfish?

mostly shark rarely whale

What predator hunts whale?

Humans and Killer whales.