Is windows 98 open source

Updated: 10/3/2023
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No, Windows 98 was an early, closed, operating system. It was developed, and sold to users by license from MicroSoft.

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No, Windows 7 is a proprietary operating system.


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Q: Is windows 98 open source
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Is Windows 7 open source software?

No it is not.

Can you open floppy disks saved in Windows 98 in XP using open office?

No reason why not. Windows XP should be able to read disks created with Windows 98 without any problems. OpenOffice is capable of reading a wide variety of files.

OS is an open-source operating system?

LINUX and Unix OS is open-source operating system.....! but Windows version OS is not the open-source operating system....!

How can you open JPEG files in windows 98?

JPEG files can be viewed in Internet Explorer / Windows Explorer with no additional software.

What is the difference between opensource and windows?

Open-source is a development model. Windows is an operating system.

Why wont windows 98 home publishing work on windows xp?

Windows 98 home publishing is for Windows 98. Windows 98 programs don't work well on Windows XP sometimes.

What are the unique features of windows 98?

There are no unique features of Windows 98, nothing is unique about Windows 98.

Is it safe to use open source software with Microsoft Windows?

They are 2 different things, not compatible in nature. However, you can have a project to have iOS, Windows, Linux, etc all running under your new open source operating system, then the answer may be yes. Windows, from the other hand, never have open source in mind, so itself is definitely not going to have features compatible to open source. (if there is any, it is accidental, and Microsoft may take that away in the future)

Can you run Linux applications on Windows?

Yes, if the program is open source.

Is there is a firewall in Windows 98?

Windows 98 does not include a firewall.

What is the difference between Windows 3.11 and Windows 98?

What is the difference between windows 3.11 and and windows 98

Can you upgrade a Windows 98 guest in VMWare Fusion on Mac OS X to Windows XP with an upgrade CD?

Yes, I just did it. With the XP Upgrade CD in, in windows 98 go to run in the start menu and open setup.exe from the cdrom drive, it'll install xp on the windows 98. Because you're not making a new guest OS in vmfusion, it still shows up as "Windows 98" but the actual OS is upgraded to be XP.