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He was a bad wolf and then he is good

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Q: Is wolf in star fox a good guy or bad guy?
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Are Wolf and Falco against each other on Star Fox?

Yes, Wolf is a "bad guy" and Falco is a "good guy."

Is Wolf from Star Fox bad?

nope. in SFassault, he saves fox from being blasted to pieces by the apparoids but then says he did it cuz he wanted to kill fox himself. so its in the middle. NOTE: STAR WOLF WUZ HIERED BY ANDROSS TO TERMINATE STAR FOX I CAN'T LET YOU THAT STAR FOX. o3o

Who are the characters in star wolf?

Fox, Falco, and Wolf.

Does fox like wolf from star fox?

They are rivals. Wolf always wants to kill Fox, although he saved Fox from a fatal fall off a building in Corneria from Star Fox Assault.

Is Krystal from Star Fox Adventures a wolf?

Yes, Krystal is a blue wolf. She was later a fox though....

What is the last name of Wolf from Star Fox?

Wolf's full name is Wolf O'Donnell.

Who is the blue wolf girl in Star Fox?


Why is the wolf in Star Fox Adventures blue?

Because the blue wolf is the most popular type of wolf.

Who is against who in star fox?

The Star Fox team is usually against Star Wolf but mostly against Andross and a collection of other vilans.

Is wolf from star fox only playable in brawl?


Does all-star fox characters come out in ssbb?

Only Fox, Falco, and Wolf. FYI, Falco is the best, Fox the second, and Wolf last. FALCO IS TIER 4 FOX IS TIER 15 WOLF IS TIER 16

How old is Wolf O'Donnell from Star Fox?

Wolf O'Donell is 19 in the first game.He is 29 later on.He is one year older than fox.