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Its classed as a developing sport. The game is growing internationally.

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Which is more popular cricket or rugby?

At the moment,cricket is more popular than rugby.

Who is more popular rugby union?

rugby union is the world cup, the six nations, the european nations cup... rugby union is what people know as rugby. all other forms of rugby are not as popular.

How popular is rugby in the world?

Rugby is an international sport, and with rugby being included into the Olympic games 2016, guess it has become very popular in the world.

How popular is rugby league?

Although it's not very popular comparing with rugby union, it's popular enough to have professional leagues through the world like in England and in Australia( where it's more popular than the rugby union)

In which country is rugby the most popular?

kenya Ireland ----- Rugby is most popular in: - South Africa - New Zealand

Is rugby a popular sport in Mexico?

No rugby is not popular in Mexico and as yet they are not one of the IRB 93 national clubs

Where is the game of rugby popular?

very popular in newzealand

Does Poland have rugby?

Rugby is not a very popular sport in Poland, but it does have a Rugby team.Its called Poland national rugby union team (Polski ZwiÄ…zek Rugby)

What is more popular rugby union or football?

Football is the second most popular sport... before golf! Rugby is 3rd.

Is track and cross country more popular in the world than rugby?

Track and Cross Country are by far more popular then Rugby.

What is more popular motor cross or rugby?

World-wide rugby is more popular in terms of number of players and fan bases.

Where in the world is lovell rugby most popular?

Lovell Rugby is very popular in the United Kingdom and is gaining popularity world wide. It is the largest online retailer for Rugby items as of right now.

Where is rugby league popular?

Rugby League is spreading around the world by most popular in; Australia England New Zealand Tonga Samoa

What is more popular rugby uniun or rugby league?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia, drawing huge attendances for games, however, world wide Rugy Union is generally the preffered sport.

Is rugby or handball more popular worldwide?

Rugby...how many countries have a professional handball team?

What are the four popular sports are in Australia?

aussie rules rugby league rugby union cricket

What new zealands popular sport?

Rugby is New Zealand most popular sport. The All Blacks is the rugby team that represents New Zealand

What are some of the popular recruitment agencies that fill jobs in rugby?

Some popular recruitment agencies which fill jobs in rugby include Rah Rah, Rugby Recruit, and Ant Workforce. These agencies have different proposals to encourage potential recruits to join rugby.

How many people play rugby in New Zealand?

Rugby Union is NZ second most popular sport Rugby League is fourth.

Who earns the more money rugby union or rugby league players?

rugby union is more popular so i would have thought union

How popular is the Rugby League in Australia?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia. It gained more TV Viewers than the entire Cricket World Cup.

What is more popular English rugby league or Australian?

Australian Rugby League is most likely to be more popular because soccer is the main sport of england.

Is rubgy played in Germany?

Yes, there are a few rugby clubs in Germany . But rugby is not very popular in Germany.

Is Rugby Union more popular than Rugby League?

It depends what part of England or the world you live as rugby union is a rich mans sport and rugby league is for normal people.

What sport is most popular in Cote d'Ivoire?

football and rugby are the most popular sports

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