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It depends on the circumstance. A woman showing her breasts to her lover is perfectly normal. A woman showing her breasts in public usually means she has a problem with her esteem and feels that she must offer sexual favors to get people to like her.

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Q: Is women showing their breasts good?
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Pressing breasts good for women?

Can you explain what you mean?

Why Minoan women exposed breasts?

The same reason why women cover their breasts nowadays, it was accepted by their culture to show breasts.

What shape of women breasts is said cutest?

There is no universal agreement about size or shape of women's breasts.

Where are the breasts?

they are on the cest of a women

Why do women cover their breasts?

They want to attract guys. However, they often get when we look at them.

Why women have breasts?

Women have breasts because, in the womb, genes tell the embryo that it's going to be female. Female animals have breasts to store milk for their young.

Where are a women's breasts?

Women's breasts are located on the anterior upper half of the thoracic cavity on either side of the midline.

Do women really like showing their breasts?

Every women will have a different answer to this question. Some may love to (I'm not sure why though) but on the other hand some women might be shy. I'm a women and I would prefer my "tits" to be hidden behind a shirt not hanging out for everyone to see.

Is breasts important in sex?

Different people have different preferences. I would prefer someone good looking personally. But some guys/girls would prefer women with large breasts.

Are there any women with multiple natural breasts?

The vast majority of women have multiple natural breasts.

Why they suck the breasts?

Not a very discriptive question. Women love having their breasts sucked on because the nerves in their breasts trigger sexual impulses. Women can actually get an orgasm from nipple fondling

How do you make your breasts feel good?

Massaging your breasts with lotion feels really good