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Yes, iit can be warm.

What is wool?

Any type of certain fiber, such as cotton or flax, prepared after a special process. Also, a sheep/lamb/goat's hair. . I would say that the word "wool" refers to fiber made from sheep's fleece (or hair). Other animals fur can be used to make yarns, but then they most often would be referred to i ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of wool?

Wool is less combustible (less easily burnt) than cotton and synthetic materials. . Wool tends to return to its original shape when it has been stretched or folded better than cotton and synthetics do. . Wool is more resistent to tearing. . Wool absorbs 30% of its weight when it is wet, doing do ( Full Answer )

How do you get wool?

You could get wool by shearing a sheep. Wool is like the hair of a sheep.

Is wool an element?

No, wool is the hair cut from sheep. It is a polymer made up of several elements.

What does wool mean?

Wool is the hair that grows on the bodies of sheep (also called a fleece) - The fleece is cut (without harming the sheep) from the sheep, combed and spun into a yarn which is called wool. The yarn can be made up into woolen garments. The woolly appearance of the fleece also gives the name wool to ( Full Answer )

What is ragg wool?

Ragg wool is a sturdy wool fiber that is most often spun into yarn that is used for gloves and other "rugged" products.

What is synthetic wool?

Synthetic wool is a man-made fibre that purports to mimic the qualities of natural wool.

How does the wool on a sheep's back keep them warm?

Wool is an okay insulator, but the lanolin in the wool is the stuff that really keeps the sheep warm. It wicks away melted snow and is a better heat conductor, so it warms up the fleece using body heat.

How wool keep you warm?


How does wool keep you warm?

Wool fibers are hollow, which draws moisture away from your body like a polar bears fur.

How did you get wool?

Wool is called fleece when it starts. You shear it off of a lamb or sheep. This is done once or twice a year, depending on the type of sheep and where they live. Shearing is just a short hair cut for the sheep, and if it is done correctly, it doesn't harm the sheep at all. After the fleece is cut o ( Full Answer )

How do you get warm?

wear more thick clothing, drink warm drinks or eat hot food. wear more thick clothing, drink warm drinks or eat hot food

Why does wool keep us warm?

Wool is a bad conductor of heat so when we wear a woolen clothit does not allow the heat of our body to go out and it keep uswarm.

Is wool warm because it is decomposing?

No. Wool clothing keeps you warm because it has air trapped between its fibers, which acts as insulation to keep your body heat from escaping.

Can you be allergic to lambs wool but not wool?

Answer . Wool only comes from lamb. However, if they make the wool in to thread or in some other form you may not be allergic to store wool and just the lamb's wool.. Answer . Yes, lambs carry other nutrients and things on their skin. But these are combed out of the wool as it is being processed ( Full Answer )

Does wool keep you warm?

Yes wool does keep you warm. Just look it uP on google and it will say yes =]

Is wool warm when wet?

If it is cold water, than it is cold. if it is warm water, it is normal

Does a sheep have wool?

yes, it does. is that really what you are asking or is there a different meaning to that question?

What can be made of wool?

u can make so many thing out of wool here are some u can make juper,scarf,t'sharts,pants.ect!

How did wool get its name?

The word has origins in so many languages that I feel more comfortable providing the Online Etymology Dictionary link, listed below:

Why does a sweater made of wool keep you warm?

The standard answer will be the space between the wool fibers traps air and insulates, thus keeping you warm. Also, the wool fibers are non-absorbent, so it won't absorb your sweat and become clammy and cold. However, there is a strange property of wool that makes it just warmer than high quality sy ( Full Answer )

How do you recycle wool?

You can recycle it by breaking down the fibres and turing it into something else. An old jumper, for instance, may be carefully undone and the wool gathered, cleaned, and re-used. Another term for wool that is re-used is "shoddy".

How waterproof is wool?

In its natural state on the sheep or after shearing but before any cleaning, it is very waterproof because of the lanolin (a waxy substance produced by the sheep's sebaceous glands) it contains. After the lanolin is removed, either by lengthy washing or industiral processes, the wool will absorb wat ( Full Answer )

Is wool an object?

Yes, wool is an object, since an object is a material thing that can be seen and touched.

Why does wool keep us so warm?

they keep the sheep warm and they cut it and turn it into coat jersy but different colour

What type of wool are there?

Type of wool depends on the measurement of the wool's diameter in microns and also its style. . microns . Carpet wools: 35-45 microns

Is wool renawable?

Yes, fleece-bearing animals are shorn on a regular basis, and this is the basis for wool.

Is wool a substance?

Given all the definitions of the word substance, one can safely say that yes, wool is a substance.

How do you tangle wool?

If you want to tangle wool (fleece) to make felt, you just need to wash it vigorously. That's why it's important to wash the fleece gently if you want to spin it. Too much action will cause it to felt (tangle together)! How much agitation is needed depends on the type of fleece. Some fleece felts ve ( Full Answer )

Where is wool originated?

we'll wouldn't you normally get it off of a sheep? it is where wool would be found because of the fact that farmers shave their sheep for that purpose... sometimes you get it from a dog you never know....

Is Wool amorphous?

Fleece -- from which wool is sorted, cleaned, carded and spun -- is amorphous. Once the fleece is spun, it takes the shape produced by the spinning process.

What is shearing wool?

Once the sheep have developed thick coat of hair, the process begins with removal of hair along with thin skin layer is called shearing.

What can you do with wool in Minecraft?

Wool can be used for a variety of things, however, the only thing wool has to do with crafting is the bed. It is used in building for soft boat landings at docks, pixel art, carpet and color coding of some things. It can be dyed as well. Note: it burns rather well, which also adds a whole variety of ( Full Answer )

Is wool thermoplastic?

No. Wool is not a thermoplastic fiber because when exposed to heat, it does not melt and change.

Is wool stretchy?

Many wool products such as sweaters, hats, socks and scarfs are knitted from woolen yarns. They are very stretchy. Also many products made from woolen fabrics are stretchy to some extent. Many wool products such as sweaters, hats, socks and scarfs are knitted from woolen yarns. They are very stretc ( Full Answer )

Where is wool got from?

Wool is a sheep's hair or fur. They shear it off. Similar products can be obtained from sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, yak and muskoxen.

What is metal wool?

Metal wool , also known as wirewool , is a bundle of strands of very fine soft steel filaments.

Are wool and cotton wool different?

Cotton is softer. Additionally, cotton is a cellulose fiber taken from the seed pod of a plant. Wool is a keratin fiber and is a variety of fur that sheep have.

How do you get wool on Minecraft?

Sheep and spiders! Upon killing sheep (post 1.6 beta) the sheep can drop 1 wool block. By right clicking on a sheep while holding shears (made of 2 iron in the inventory crafting table, [top right and bottom left / bottom right top left]) the sheep will drop 2-4 wool. Alternatively, make a 2x2 squar ( Full Answer )

Which is best wool?

Best is a judgement and you are the judge.. Best wool requires a context, and the winner is the wool that is most suitable for the purpose..

Is wool renwable?

Yes, because the animals continue to grow fleece -- like humans continue to grow hair.

How do you get raw wool?

You can purchase fleece from a sheep rancher. If you live near a sheep ranch, you may be able to pick bits of fleece from a fence that a sheep has rubbed against.

Who was wool discover and when?

Humans and animals that grow fleece have existed together on earth since long before humans taught themselves to write. The name you want has been lost to history.

Do wool hats keep a person warm?

Wool has a lot of very good charcteristics. It is very resistant to fire. It is also a very smart Insulator, so it can keep you warm, when it's cold and keep you cool when it's hot.