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Q: Is your 9 year old too short at 127cm?
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Is 4'8 too short for a 20 year old?

That height is below average. But there is no reason why everyone has to be of average height or higher. It is short, but not too short. The world needs short people too.

Is 5'8 equals 173 cm too tall for an Asian 16 year old guy?

no its not, its too short.

Is Allen Walker short?

He is 168 cm. Not too short for a 15 year-old. XD

How old is too old for short skirts?


How tall is a vietnamese 11 year old?

Haha. I am a vietnamese too and i am eleven. I am actually four eight. I know i am short.

Is 1.49 too short for a 12 years old girl?

Its not too tall, but a little taller than an average 12 year old

Is 98 pounds for a six year old too much?

A 6 year old should weight between 30 and 60 pounds depending on her height. +++ if he's short hell yeah if he's tall no

Are you too short for a 14 year old female.. you are 4.9ft and 110pounds?

There is no correct height for a person, because we are all built differently. The average height, though, for a 14 year old girl is 5' 3".

Why do 9 year old s have to have booster seats?

Because a 9 YO is generally too short for the adult seatbelts to restrain properly.

Is a 59 year old too young for a 51 year old?


I am 14 years old and i m only 153cm tall am i too short?

Yep,you are too short! I'm 153cm too! But 153cm it's ok. Nobody's ceras!

Are you too short for a 15 year old female if youre 5 foot 2?

Think of it like this the average height of a 17 year old girl is 5 foot 4 inches so you are growing at a good speed