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No, California community property laws do not apply to child support. The biological parents of a child/children are the only ones who can be held legally responsible for financial support.


Yes, it is a requirement to include the income in a request for a modification. see links below.

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Q: Is your new spouse's income used to calculate child support in California?
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What percentage is used to calculate child support on spouses income?

In California, 20% of a second spouse or S/O income cane be used.

Can new spouses income be used to calculate child support in Maryland?


Is new spouses income use to calculate child support in Washington?

probably not

Will a new spouses income be calculate in child support in minnesota?

No, only the parents pay for their child, no one else.

In California does your new spouses income count toward support payment for previous marriage?

20% can be applied. see links

Will a new spouses income be calculate in child support in Texas?

In general, (re)marriage should not increase or decrease one's child support obligation, regardless of the new spouse's income or the presence of stepchildren.

Can a new spouses income be considered for child support in Georgia?


Can California garnish my spouses wages for my child support order?

That cannot be done in any state, but in California, 20% of the income of your new spouse/SO can be used in a child support modification. see link

When you get married will my new spouses income go towards my child support?

20% in California, or through a rebuttable presumption argument in other states. see link

In Florida is a spouse's income included in child support?

No, only the income of the biological parents are used to figure how much child support will be paid. Medical support does not use a spouses income either.

In California do you have to pay for your spouses child if you get married?

Not pay the child support, but under certain circumstances, 20% of your income can be used in a modification. This also applies if you are cohabiting. see link

If the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

The income of your ex-spouse's partner is irrelevant to child support; only your ex-spouses income counts.

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