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Is your stomach supposed to cramp while you are pregnant?

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Some cramping is usually normal due to the stretching of the uterus. But not if you are bleeding as well. Talk with your doctor.

2005-04-07 03:41:18
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Can you cramp and have light bleeding while pregnant?

Can u cramp and have a light bleeding while pregnant?

Can you bleed and cramp while you are pregnant?


Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

Is cramp or pains in feet and toes common while pregnant?


Ovulation while pregnant?

No, a woman is not supposed to ovulate while pregnant

What does it mean to bleed and cramp while pregnant?

You should probably contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Is it safe to rub your stomach while pregnant?


Is it normal to have a sensitive stomach while pregnant?


What happens when you suck in your stomach while pregnant?

you cant tjdbkwc

What does it mean when your stomach burns while pregnant?

Heart burn ?

Can you be pregnant and have stomach cancer?

Yes, but it is EXTREMELY rare to get pregnant while you have cancer, and the pregnancy may not make it all the way, as the only CURE for stomach cancer is to REMOVE the stomach.

Do you cramp when you spot?

Cramping when you spot before or after your period is perfectly normal but it doesn't happen to every female. If you cramp when you spot you could try placing a hot water bottle against your stomach and rest for a while.

What would happen if you were to be hit in the stomach while pregnant?

It could cause damage to your unborn child. Some women's babies have died due to them (the mother) being hit in the stomach while pregnant.

Is it safe to get braces while being pregnant?

Sure. You're not eating anything you aren't supposed to or doing an activity you're not supposed to do while pregnant. As always, if you want to be extra sure then ask your doctor.

Can you use a heating pad on your stomach while you are pregnant?

Yes you can, but why do you want to?

Are you pregnant if you had a period but you have morning sickness and still cramp after your period is gone?

You can still bleed while you're pregnant like you would when you get your period. Definitely take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Does youre stomach still go in and out when you breathe if youre pregnant?

Yes. You still breathe normally while pregnant.

Can you suck your stomach in all the way while still early in your pregnant?

Yes you can.

What would you do if you had a cramp or a stitch while swimming in a pool?

stitch get out, cramp try to swim it of!

Can you get a cramp while skydiving?

You certainly can.

Is a cat is pregnant does she bite if you touch her stomach?

depends what cat you have.... some do and some prefer to have there belly rubbed while they are pregnant

Can your stomach be hard while on your period and possibly be pregnant?

If you would workout more maybe!

What will you do if you will experience muscle cramp?

the muscle cramp can be finished by doing the same exercise we did which caused the cramp and drink tomato juice Answer II Stretching and massaging the affected muscle will help when you experience a muscle cramp. If cramp occurs while sleeping stand up to make the cramp go away.

Is it bad to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?

Only when you are far along but by then it will be uncomfortable to be on your belly anyway.

Can you gauge your ears while you're pregnant?

as long as your baby isn't in the way, no tats on the stomach