Is your wife cheating if she has been talking on the phone with another man and she says they're just friends but she kept it from you?

== == I had this situation recently, I was the one talking to the person (ex) on the phone. I came to my husband out of honesty. I never cheated on my husband or even seen the person I was speaking with (they are an ex who had a hard time & I was trying to be helpful). It doesn't mean the woman/man is cheating in anyway if they are talking on the phone. *see discussion for further :-)

Look ask to meet this friend because any friend of hers should be friends of yours and if she becomes over protective of the situation then something is definitely going on because if he's just a friend she will have no problem inviting him over to meet you her husband but if she is willing to invite him and he is willing to come let it go obviously they are just friends Did she tell you they were talking or did you find out? Check her phone records for how often they talk. It might be an emotional affair. She is getting something you are not giving her.