J C Higgins shotguns

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James - The J.C.Higgins name was used by Sears Roebuck from 1946 to 1962. Your 16 gauge was made by Marlin, the .410 by Harrington & Richardson, and the .22 by Savage/Stevens. Assuming all guns are fully functional but not in like-new condition, they are worth about $80, $150, and $100.

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Q: J C Higgins shotguns
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How much is a JC Higgins Shotgun worth?

There are more than a few J. C. Higgins marked shotguns and values vary by model. More information is needed in order to provide an answer.

What has the author J C Higgins written?

J. C. Higgins has written: 'Life of Robert Burns'

When was j c Higgins company finded?

J.C.Higgins was a trademark used on Sears and Roebuck rifles and shotguns manufactured for Sears from 1946-1962.

J C Higgins model 36 with 4 field scope who made it?

J C Higgins /Sears High standard

Where can you get parts for your J C Higgins 12 ga shotgun?

Several different companies made shotguns marked with the Sears JC Higgins brand. If you will post the model number, we may be able to tell you who made it.

Where is the serial number on a J C Higgins rifle?

Serial numbers on rifles and shotguns were not required until 1968. Most JC Higgins guns made prior to that never HAD a serial number- and yes, it is legal.

Who made the J C Higgins model 30?

J C Higgins /High Standard

How many different 12 gauge models did JC Higgins make?

J. C. Higgins was not a manufacturer. J. C. Higgins was a tade name used by Sears Roebuck & Co.

Where can you purchase parts for J C Higgins shotguns?

My cross reference list indicates that this is a Savage 59. If your local gunsmith can't find the parts, you can check with

How do you assemble j c Higgins 103.229?

How do you assemble a jc higgins 103.229 22 rifle

How do you take a J C Higgins shotgun apart?

Which one?

What is the value of a j c Higgins model 103229?


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