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Japanese symbols can either be categorized as kanji, katakana, or hiragana. Kanji comes from China, hiragana is how they first learn to use their system of the alphabet, and katakana is either used to pronounce a word that wasn't originally in their language, or is sometimes used as a replacement for hiragana to stress a particular word or meaning. Kanji is like a short hand for hiragana. It can best be compare to how in English instead of writing out the word "and", one would substitute the symbol "&". Hiragana and katakana are broken up into their version of the alphabet by what they have for pronunciations. They can be viewed at the links below.

These Japanese symbols, or pronunciations, are usually grouped with a vowel, not including the actual vowels. The pronunciations of the vowels are used exactly like the ones in Spanish and are very simple, unlike the English vowels that have a long and short sounds. But once you get down how the vowels are pronounced, reading the rest of their alphabet is a cake walk since it is based off of being grouped with those same vowels.

Writing hiragana and katakana is also similar to English in how it is written. In hiragana the "he" sound for example, is written exactly the same, just like how in English, the capital "O" and lower case "o" are written in the same way (only one is smaller in scale). And sometimes a pronunciation, or letter, is written differently. In hiragana and katakana the "su" sound for example is written completely different, just like how in English the capital "G" and lower case "g" are written differently.

Kanji doesn't get placed as part of their alphabet because it's more of a short hand way of writing.

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Every English alphabet translated to Japanese alphabet?

There is only one English alphabet, and it cannot be translated into the Japanese alphabet because there is no such thing as a Japanese alphabet. Japanese uses syllabaries and picture-symbols in its writing.

Is the Japanese Alphabet the same as the American alphabet?

There is no such thing as a Japanese Alphabet. Japanese uses 2 syllabaries (symbols that represent whole syllables) and about 2000 Chinese characters.

How do you write in romaji?

Romaji is when you write Japanese words in English letters, for example, "Kaibutsu" means monster, except its not in Japanese symbols. SO, to write in romaji, just write in English alphabet!

What are the different ways of writing in Japanese?

Well their are many ways... Hiragana- The Japanese alphabet. Katakana-Writing English words in Japanese e.g writing Mc Donald's in Japanese Kanji- Borrowed symbols from China Romaji- Our alphabet used to write Japanese e.g Nihon (meaning japan)

Why is the Spanish alphabet different from the English alphabet?

Because the Spanish language is different from the English language, and requires different symbols.

What are the differences between the international phonetic alphabet and the English alphabet?

IPA has thousands of symbols, to represent all the sounds of all languages. English has 26 uppercase symbols and 26 lower case symbols to respresent the approximately 44 sounds of English.

What is the Japanese alphabet?

There is no such thing as a Japanese Alphabet. Japanese uses 2 syllabaries (symbols called Hiragana and katakana that represent whole syllables) and about 2000 Chinese characters, called kanji.

Is there a reason why the Hebrew alphabet is written in symbols?

All alphabets are written in symbols. The Hebrew symbols are just different from the English symbols.

Where can you find Chinese symbols in there everyday life?

Chinese symbols are to the Chinese language what letters of the alphabet are to the English language

What is Japanese Kanji?

Kanji is a symbolic type alphabet used by the Japanese to write. It is derived from the Chinese written symbols and has many similarities with Chinese. Each symbol has a meaning or whole word associated with it, as opposed to the English alphabet where we only have individual letters that don't mean anything on their own. The Japanese have 4 writing systems: 1. Hiragana (for native Japanese words) 2. Katakana (for foreign/imported words and to emphasise a word) 3. Kanji (symbolic alphabet) 4. Romaji (This is essentially the English alphabet that they include in some of their day-to-day life, mostly numbers) Kanji contains up to 40,000 different symbols, but most Japanese know between 1,000-4,000.

What is the difference betwewen the Chinese alphabet and the English alphabet?

we use letters and they use symbols to represent things we use letters and they use symbols to represent things There is no such thing as the Chinese alphabet. Each character has a meaning.

Do Japanese and Chinese people have the same alphabet?

There is no such thing as a Chinese or Japanese alphabet. Japanese uses 2 syllabaries (symbols that represent whole syllables) and about 2000 Chinese characters. Chinese uses tens of thousands of characters.

Where does the alphabet come from?

The English alphabet was formed when the Romans invaded Anglo-Saxon England. The Anglo-Saxons already had a runic alphabet with their Old English but quickly absorbed the Latin. Anglo-Saxon Old English was comprised of runes, or symbols for sounds, much like the Latin alphabet so it was easy for them to combine.

What is the Difference between the phonetic symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet and the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet used to write English?

As of 2010, there are 107 letters, 52 diacritics, and four prosodic marks in the International Phonetic Alphabet. The phonetic symbols of IPA represent all the sounds of every human language on earth, whereas the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet for English only phonemically represent the sounds of English

Where can you translate English to Japanese but NOT in symbols?

English to Japanese that isn't in Kanji, Katana, or Hiragana, is called rōmaji, or the Japanese words written in the English alphabet. You can use Google Translate. Set the languages from English to Japanese. Type in your word or sentence. On the right, it appears in whatever writing system is called for. If there is no Japanese words written phonetically, click on 'Read phonetically' that should be below the results. Another one you can use is Freedict and set it to Japanese. Here's an example:love あい ai I hope this helped!

Why do Japanese symbols differ from English letters?

Because not everybody speaks English.There are many different languages. That's why. And not everyone has to use English. The Japanese symbols (kanji and kana) are believed to have been originally imported from old Chinese.

How much is Japanese symbols are?

mate, you need to learn english, what does that mean?

What are Chinese writing symbols?

Equivalent to an English letter, such as "A" or "B", etc. In the English alphabet, the A or B, C, etc. are called characters.

Why was the alphabet created and why was it ordered that way?

The alphabet was created as a response to Hieroglyphics. The first alphabet had only 22 letters, compared to the thousands of symbols needed to write in hieroglyphics. Nobody knows where the original order of letters came from.' Because it is.

How do you write the Japanese alphabet letters A-Z?

The Japanese do not work in letters they have symbols that work in sounds. If you need whole word translated go to google translate.

WHAT is characters A-Z?

That would be the English alphabet. They are symbols used in the English language that make up words, sentences and so forth.

Which letter come before the letter f in the alphabet?

The letter E comes before the letter F in the English Alphabet and this is the case for most Alphabets that contain Latin Alphabet symbols that are derived from Greek.

Why does the English alphabet only have 26 letters?

Sometimes the question is much better than the answer. The English alphabet is a antecedent to the Greek alphabet. What is interesting in this is that the symbols used as letters do not correspond with phonemes at 1:1 Which is probably why spelling mistakes are so hard to avoid.

How many characters are in the Japaneses alphabet?

There is no "alphabet" in Japanese, rather a syllabary of 100 symbols representing 50 syllables. On top of that, the Japanese written language also make the use of Kanji (Chinese characters) which will up the total count to thousands or more.

How many letters are in the ethiopian alphabet?

Ethiopian does not use an alphabet; it uses an abugida. There are 209 symbols plus 25 letter variants, not including numbers or punctuation. So what is ABUGIDA? It is Ethiopian alphabet which is equivalent of calling English alphabet as abcde.

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