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Q: Jennifer gardner playes what role in felicity?
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Jennifer Garner played which role in Felicity?

Hannah Bibb

What role is playes by the speaker of the district?

To call for meetings in the district.

Who playes zander in how to rock?

Max Schneider plays the role of Zander in How to Rock

Who playes Jasper in twilight?

Jackson Rathbone plays the role of Jasper in the Twilight saga.

What was the role Heather Graham played in Austin Powers?

Felicity Shagwell

What is Taylor swift's role in valentine's day?

She plays a really annoying girl called Felicity.

What role did Jennifer Aniston play in Molloy?


Who playes the beaver in the 1997 movie release of leave it to beaver?

In the 1997 film "Leave It to Beaver " the role of Beaver was played by Cameron Finley .

How much was Jennifer Hudson paid for her role in Dreamgirls?


Who played the role of Baby in Dirty Dancing?

Jennifer Grey

What was Jennifer Lopez's debut big movie role?

My Family

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Jennifer Aniston

What was Alexander gardner's role in the Civil War?

Alex Gardener was a Scottish photographer in the Civil War.

Is Jennifer Lawrence in the film called Dumb and Dumber To?

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence stars in the film Dumb and Dumber To. She has a cameo role. She plays the cameo role of young Fraida Felcher.

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She is famous for the role of Sydney Bristow in Alias.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

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She did have her first movie role in 1987.

Who played role as Felicity in Young and Innocent by Alfred Hitchcock?

There was no character or actress named "Felicity" in The Girl was Young, a retitled Young and Innocent (1937). A full search of all TV and Movies for Alfred Hitchcock shows only one character with the name "Felicity" (Felicity Sampson) in: "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" Day of Reckoning Season 1 episode 10 - (1962), played by Dee Hartford.

Is Jennifer Hudson a good role model?

yes, i think jennifer ia a good role model because she inspire people to lose weight and also never let negativity let you down.

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The role of Elektra was played by Jennifer Garner.

When did Selena Lopez die?

No Jennifer was just playing the role of Selena Lopez.

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Requiem for a Dream

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Jennifer Aniston

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Probably Jennifer Lawrence...

Who was Jennifer Lopez's role model?

Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson