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he is being influenced by black vile

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Q: Jeremy is moody and generally mildly depressed. What would Hippocrates the Father of Medicine say about him?
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What was Hippocrates father of?

Hippocrates was considered the father of Medicine.

What was Hippocrates nickname?

The Father Of Medicine :)

What does the word Hippocrates mean?

Hippocrates was a Greek physician regarded as the father of medicine.

Who was known as the father of scientific medicine?


Who is known as the father of medicine Greece?


Why Hippocrates is known as Father of Medicine?

when ever he became the father of medicine find it ur self

What was Hippocrates occupation?

he was a Doctor and father of medicine

What is Hippocrates the founder of?

He is referred to as the father of western medicine

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Hippocrates was the founder of what movement?

Hippocrates is called the "Father of Medicine". His "movement" is defined as the ongoing achievements in medicine that is still going on today.

Where is Hippocrates the father of modern medicine from?

Hippocrates lived in Cos, Greece between 430BC and 370BC.

Who is the the father of modern medicine?