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it is impossible to know the exact date but it is believed that it was in the 8th month refering to August.

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When is the birthday of John the Baptist celebrated in the church?

On June 24'Th.

Who is the other saint who celebrates his feast day on his birthday?

John the Baptist

What is John the Baptist feast day about?

The Nativity of John the Baptist on June 24 commemorates his birthday - six months before that of Our Lord.

Why was the Feast of John the Baptist so important?

There was no event in the Bible known as the "Feast of John the Baptist." There was a feast at the celebration of King Herod's birthday, in which John the Baptist was beheaded at the request of Salome's mother. (Matthew 14:1-12)John the Baptist's feast day is June 24.

Was John the Baptist a Catholic?

No, John the Baptist was Jewish.

When do celebrations in Europe for St. John the Baptist's birthday take place?

The Nativity of John the Baptist is celebrated on June 24.

When did Saint John Paul the Baptist become a saint?

There is a St. John the Baptist but no St. John Paul the Baptist.

Which was Jesus' cousin the apostle John or John the Baptist?

John the Baptist.

Was Saint John the Baptist married?

no he was not.John the Baptist was not married.No.

How many siblings does John the Baptist have?

John the baptist was not married.

Jesus and John the Baptist who is the older one?

john the baptist

Was John the Baptist single or married?

John the Baptist was not married.

What did John the Baptist baptise with?

John the Baptist baptised with water.

What was John the Baptist real name?

There was no John the baptist an there was no Jesus.

How did John get the baptist added to his name?

John baptised. Therefore his name was John the Baptist

Why John the Baptist was very close to Jesus?

John the baptist then they are cousins.

Who Baptisted John the Baptist?

Actually nobody did baptize John the Baptist.

How many times is John the baptist reffered to as John the baptist?


What name was st John the Baptist born with?

John the Baptist was named John from birth.

When is the feast of Saint John the Baptist?

June 24th is the feast of John the Baptist.

Was John the Baptist the youngest disciple of Jesus?

John the Baptist was not a disciple of Jesus.

Where did John the Baptist grow up?

John the Baptist grew up in Bethlehem.

What was John the Baptist contribution?

What were some contributions John the Baptist made in his life

When is the feast of John the Baptist?

June 24 is the feast day of John the Baptist.

When did John Baptist Walsh die?

John Baptist Walsh died in 1825.

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