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The weight of a JUNIOR HIGH shot put is 10 pounds, not 12, which is highschool.

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Q: Jr high school shot put weight what is it?
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What is the weight of high school guys shot put?

The weight of a high school guys shot is 12 lbs. Today at my track meet i threw it 42' and 3" and got first place

What is the Weight of high school girls indoor shot put?

3 kg

What weight do the under 13 boys throw in discus at high school?

The official weight for high school boys javelins is 800 grams.

How much does JV shot put weigh?

Well, JV and varsity weight is not different because track is a varsity sport. For middle school the shot usually weighs 6 pounds but in high school the shot put weighs 8 pounds

Shot put weight?

Shot put weights are 8, 12, and 16 lbs. The 8 lb shot is typically used by women and junior highers. The 12 lb shot is used by women who want to be challenged and high school men. Skilled high school men and college men use the 16 lb shot.

How much does girls high school shot put weigh?

The average girls shot put weighs 4ks or 8lbs. 4 ks is about 8.8 pounds.

How much does a girls high school shot put weigh?

Middle school shot put weights are:Must check with local area for requirementsHigh school shot put weights are:Men's 12 poundsWomen's 8 poundsCollege shot put weights are:Men's 16 poundsWomen's 8 pounds (might be 10 not sure)

What is considered to be a good shot put throw for a high school girl?

35 ft for high school

What is the radius of a high school shot put ring?

3.5 ft

What is high school record for boys shot put?

237 feet.

How much does a girls shot put weigh?

Let's clear up a little terminology, first. "Shot" means a round ball of lead, steel, or some other metal. SHOT guns use small BB sized shot. A cannon may use a 6" or 8" shot that is fired at an enemy. In track and field, there also is a 'shot' which is 'put' as far as the competitor can. So,a boy's 'shot' may be around 1kg, depending. The "Shot Put" is the name of the Field event, not the round, heavy thingie. Now, get out there and Put the Shot a long distance for your team!!!

How much does women's college shot put weigh?

The regulation weight is 8 lbs, but some girls prefer throwing a 12 lb shot.