Kanji for akira?

There is one thing I would like to first point out. There is no one Kanji for any name and the meaning of the name is based on the Kanji used in the name. My name, for example, uses the first Kanji whereas someone elses name might use the second or third Kanji. That is not to say you can take any Kanji and say it is for one name, though. In Japan, when a parent picks a name for there child, the government will give them a list of acceptable Kanji for that name. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of such a list so all I can provide are Kanji I have previously seen used.

The most common Kanji for the name Akira (and the Kanji used for my name ^.~) is 明which means "bright" or "intelligent". Another Kanji that I have found to be used is this one 朖 which means "bright", "clear" or "distinct". And my favorite one is this one 秋桜 which means "cosmos" but uses the character for "autumn".

I don't know if that was at all helpful, but whatever. Good luck and have a wonderful day!