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Q: Kathryn d Sullivan what schooling does she have?
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When was Kathryn D. Sullivan born?

Kathryn D. Sullivan was born on 1951-10-03.

Where did Kathryn Sullivan grow up?

Who's kathryn Sullivan?!?!?

Is Susan Sullivan dead?

No Kathryn Sullivan is not dead.

Who is Kathryn D Sullivan?

She was the first female to perform a EVA, which is a extravehical activity. This basically means she was the first woment o walk in space.

When did kathryn Crosby die?

kathryn is still alive and lives with her husband Maurice Sullivan in Nevada. Sullivan had been a tutor to the children she had with singer and entertainer Bing Crosby. She married in Sullivan in 2000 on the anniversary of Bing's funeral.

What was the spacecraft used by Kathryn Sullivan?

what was the name of the spacecraft used when Kathy Sullivan walked in otter space

Who was the first American woman to walk on space?

Kathryn Sullivan

How tall is Kathryn D Miller?

Kathryn D Miller is 5' 4".

When was Thelma D. Sullivan born?

Thelma D. Sullivan was born in 1918.

When did Thelma D. Sullivan die?

Thelma D. Sullivan died in 1981.

When was Stephen D. Sullivan born?

Stephen D. Sullivan was born in 1959.

What has the author Edward D Sullivan written?

Edward D. Sullivan has written: 'Maupassant's \\'