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Keeping a garden hose under pressure?

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Such as keeping the water on but having an adjustable nozzle? Shouldn't cause any problems in the short term, but it couldn't hurt to turn it off when your finished with it at the end of the day, rather than leave it like that for weeks or months on end.

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What was the garden hose theory?

its related to chiropractic method.the theory of nerve function.relief of bone under the pressure

How does a hose work?

Can you be specific? If you mean a garden hose, then basically water is let into the hose and pressure forces the water out.

Can you use pressure to clear out a heater core?

Water pressure from a garden hose is sufficient.

How can you run water uphill with a garden hose?

You can run water uphill with a garden hose by decreasing the size of the hose as it moves away from the water source. By decreasing the hose size, pressure in the hose increases and the water will travel uphill.

How do you clean magpie feces of concrete?

Garden hose set to jet pressure

What is the plural of garden hose?

The plural form of garden hose is garden hoses.

What does blood pressure readings mean?

the pressure exerted from blood on the arterial walls. For the same reason you don't run fire hose pressure through a garden hose, you don't want high blood pressure either.

Does increased water pressure in a hose affect freezing point?

Water under pressure has a lower freezing point than water not under pressure, but the pressure has to be so high it would burst the hose long before the freezing point was affected.

How many gallons of water flows from a garden hose for 1 hour?

Depends on the water pressure, and the diameter and length of the hose. Sorry, but there really is no one answer.

What are garden hose storage options?

Some garden storage options are putting the hose on to the side of your house, called a garden hose reel or to put it in a shed.

What is a long tube that carries water?

garden hose

What does the term Waxing the garden hose refer to?

Garden hose is cockney slang for 'nose' so waxing the garden hose is getting drunkI HAVE NO I DEAD WHERE COCKNEY SLANG CAME FROM BUT IN MY OPINON WAXING THE GARDEN HOSE MEANS MALE MASTERBATION.

What is the flow rate of a 3 quarter inch garden hose?

None, if the tap is turned off! It depends on the pressure!

How do clean the green pollen off my deck?

The green pollen can be cleaned using a garden hose or a pressure washer.

Can a garden hose have pressure even if theres no water flowing?

yes it will be at whatever the connection pressure is ,turn of the main then pull of the spray head water will spurt out at the original pressure

You are on city water and have a garden in back lot that you cant water with your 250ft hose because there is not enough water pressure What do you do to increase the water pressure?

install a booster

How do you remove rubber taste from garden hose?

You should not be drinking from a garden hose. They can leach chemicals into the water that are toxic. If you are trying to eat the garden hose, you've got some problems.

A garden hose that had been lying on a green lawn for several days was removed Which statement best explains the presence of yellow grass in the area where the hose had been?

4) The lack of sunlight under the hose affected chlorophyll production

How do you replace the power steering pressure hose in 89 Honda accord?

In order to fix a power steering hose in an 1989 Honda Accord you'll need to locate the hose, drain a pan under the pressure, unbolt the broken hose using a flare nut wrench and install new hose.

Is a garden hose flexible?

A garden hose is a flexible tube used to carry water. Of course,it's flexible

Do chickens like the hose?

A garden hose as a means to get water, yes. A fire hose, no.

Garden Hose?

form_title=Garden Hose form_header=Don't let your lawn wither and dry up - pick the right hose and keep your grass green and healthy! How long does your hose need to be?*= _ [50] Are you planning on connecting your hose to sprinklers and nozzles?*= () Yes () No What is the area of the lawn or garden you wish to cover with the hose?*= _ [50]

How does water movement relate to pressure?

Water moves faster as pressure behind it rises. This may be illustrated by a simple garden hose, water will pour out of the hose end at a set rate, but when you put a finger over the end, thus raising pressure, the water will squirt out with greater intensity.

Why does your garden hose erupt when the water is shut off at the sprinkler head?

pressure is building up inside and finds a way to be realeased

What cause radiator hose to ge hard under pressure?

Internal pressure of the cooling system which is normally around 17 psi.