Kinds of star

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Kinds of star
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Which kinds of stars are most common in a newly formed star cluster?

M stars

What is the explosion of a dying giant or supergiant star?

There are several different kinds. An explosion ON a star is usually called a "nova" (from the Latin for "new", because this results in the star brightening significantly, thus appearing to be a "new star"). The star itself usually survives, and the cycle will probably repeat several times. The explosion OF a very large star is called a "supernova", and again there are different kinds. Stars generally either do not survive this, or survive only in very changed form (as a neutron star or black hole).

About 90 of all stars are what kinds of stars?

main sequence stars , our sun is also a main sequence star

What determines how long a star will live?

Kinds of 'fuel' and the mass and the stars determines how it dies. If it is large enough, it will create a Neutron Star or a Black Hole; if it is some size close to our sun, it will become dwarf planets.

What do the color and lines in the spectrum of a star indicate?

By looking at the lines in a star's spectrum of light, astronomers can tell what kinds of elements the star is made of. This happens because when a beam of light hits an atom or molecule, that atom absorbs a characteristic wavelength (color) of visible light. Scientists have made a huge list of different elements and the different patterns of lines observed in theirj corresponding "spectra" (fancy word for light spectrums), and by using such lists can deduce precisely what each star is made of.

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