Knight who had an affair with king arthur's wife?

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Q: Knight who had an affair with king arthur's wife?
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Who was King Arthur's first knight?

Sir Lancelot was King Arthurs best and bravest knight he had. He seemed to be loyal and was Arthurs best friend, until he ran away with Arthurs wife.

Who was the knight that had an affair with king Arthur's wife?


What where the conflicts between the characters of the Arthurian legend?

Lancelot had an affair with Gweneviere (Arthurs wife)

Witch knight was in love with Arthur's wife?

It was Sir Lancelot who had an affair with King Arthur's wife, Lady Guinevere.

Characters of The Legend of King Arthur?

i have found about 10 of them so far: -King Arthur -Guinevere: Arthurs Wife -Merlin: magician that raised Arthur -Morgan Le Fay: 1/2 sister of Arthur -Lancelot: a Knight of the Round Table -Lady of the Lake -Uther: Arthurs Father -Igraine: Arthurs mother more at

Who did King Arthur's wife have an affair with?

King Arther's wife had an affair with Sir Lancelot.

Is the tragedy of Camelot true?

It is said that the Tragedy of Camelot was when King Arthurs' wife and best friend sir Lancelot was having an affair and when Arthur found out it crushed his spirit and lost the will to go on and his kingdom crumbled under the power of King Arthur.

Who was in love with Arthurs wife?

Sir Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere, which brought about tragic consequences.

Which knight betrayed King Arthur what did he do?

Lancelot betrayed King Arthur by having an affair with his wife, Guinevere. Another well known knight to betrey arthur was Mordred, Mordred is known to be worse be cause he actually landed a mortal wound which ended up killing arthur

Why was the king willing to let his wife choose a different punishment for the knight in the wife of bath's tale?

he was willing to let his wife choose the punishment for the knight because, the crime the knight committed was against a women.

How many wifes did King Arthur have?

King Arthur only had one wife. Guinevere, daughter of King Leodegrance. She is said to of betrayed Arthur by having a love affair with one of King Arthurs Knights of the round table, Sir Lancelot. Hope this helps. Don't really know if that's all true or not because it's all a myth. Just saying what I've heard.

Where did king Minos get the Minotaur?

It was born by his wife, who had an affair with a bull sent by Poseidon.

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