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British colleges are not blacklisted.

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Q: Lantech training centre college London is blacklisted?
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Is Bcoc London college of computing blacklisted?

Yeah bcoc college is blacklisted in London colleges

Is info nexus college London blacklisted?

It is a new college which is still gaining popularity. And its not blacklisted.

Is Oxford College Of London blacklisted?

it,s highly trusted college of london

Is shakespeare college in London blacklisted?


Is Queensland college London blacklisted?

There is no such thing as a college blacklist.

Is LCAS in London blacklisted?

Is London college of accountancy is been black listed

Is Katherine and kings college in London blacklisted?

No, Katherine & King's college of London is a highly trusted sponsor.

Is London international college blacklisted?

It closed down 4th May 2012.

Is the Anglian College in London blacklisted?

That college does not exist on the UKBA sponsor list. It was suspended from accreditation in late 2009 and its website is no longer functional.

Is Scotts College in blacklist?

Yes, Scott's college London has been blacklisted and closed by UKBA in Septeber 2012. So this college is no more in function.

Is the London college of advanced studies blacklisted?

they have lost their BAC (ukba visa initiation) licence... Likely to be on the edge of dropping out of existence.

Is London churchill college black listed?

There is little chance that LCC will be blacklisted so long Dr. Islam as a principal is there so we believe.