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yes we can

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Q: Lateral entry into pharmD course in US after bpharm in INDIA?
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India launching new pharmd program but your que is that what are the scope of this pharmd in India?

I thick Dr B.Suresh, President PCI needs to give wide publicity on Pharm. D. course and its importance by conducting awareness programme in all cities . He is right person who can tell us about future plans on this course . He is the best person to convince US officials for accepting our Pharma . D. Pass outs( from India) directly writing NAPLEX Exam without doing any extra course or Internships, etc.

Where is the top pharmD school andhra pradesh India?

chebrolu hanumiah institute of pharmaceutical sciences

Can you do pharmD after bachelor of pharmacy?

Pharm D is called as Doctrate of Pharmacy so need that level of studies which are not been taught in India. Yes you can apply for pharmD in US by having the transcript of 5 years bachelor degree...

Which are the best B.Pharma colleges in North India?

The students after completing the course will be in a position to join any pharmaceutical company, start his own manufacturing company of medicines. The course curiculam and placement makes Invertis University as Best B.Pharmacy Colleges in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The course prepares the students both for employment as well as for self-employment.

What is the scope of pharmacy in India .?

to increase the standard and use of locally produced or produceable medicine,muhammad haris awan ,pharmD student of university of sargodha,i am looking for a opertunity

What will b d scope of Indian 'pharm d' hiu wil b knwin in India pharm d course hv statdwat wil ts futurewat job cn gt please help?

hi.i m ankit jain from gwalior...i m a 1 st year phram d.studant.this course are started in us abroad.and many..countries..and pharma .career..and i hope ..course is succes in India all the best and best of luck..freinds...and..pray god..we..are happy...bye tc... Please visit under blogs to find some discussions about pharmD in India

I am an mpharm graduate from India but I have passed my bpharm in 2003 can I apply for fpgee?

No you have to first complete an 5 year degree programin US, only then you can sit for FPGEE.Those who have compleated their deg (Bach)before 2002 are eligible....

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