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Law definition of adultery?


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Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse.


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There is no adultery law in Texas.

in Jewish tradition, adultery is when a man of any marital status sleeps with a married woman (who is not his own wife).[Note: By this definition, an unmarried woman cannot commit adultery]

As of 2014, adultery is not a crime in the state of Texas. Adultery can be used as a reason for a divorce.

Adultery is not a crime in the state of Mississippi. However, adultery can be used as a reason for a divorce.

The definition of adultery varies by location, but it's unlikely that fondling would count in any jurisdiction as adultery.

What specific law are you referring to? In the state of Texas, adultery is not an actual crime, but it is grounds for divorce (it has to be proven, of course).

No, that law was repealed in 1976

Until recently, adultery was technically against the law in the state of New Hampshire. In 2014, the New Hampshire state Senate voted to repeal the law.

No, adultery was a crime in Pennsylvania until the new Crimes Code of 1973 became the (Statute's) of the Commonwealth vs. Common Law. But it is still a Civil Law issue.

It depends on the laws of the country or state. In some places adultery is a capital offense. In most of Europe and in North America, adultery is not illegal, but morally offensive.

Adultery is adultery, I don't think there's some kind of law when it comes to committing adultery. Adultery is sleeping with another person who is not your husband or wife. Adultery always includes at least one married person. Sex between unmarried consenting adults is fornication. Cheating on a person you are dating is just cheating, NOT adultery . Adultery is not a criminal offense, but is grounds for the Civil action of Divorce.

There is not a legal "punishment" for adultery in Texas. Adultery is a civil issue, not a criminal issue, so there is no law or statute governing it in the criminal or penal codes. The punishment for adultery would be whatever your wife/husband inflicts on you after discovering the affair.

No, adultery is not against the law.

In some jurisdictions.ANS#2:Yes as per Family Law in India one can file for ddivorce on the ground on adultery.

Fausto Goria has written: 'Studi sul matrimonio dell'adultera nel diritto giustinianeo e bizantino' -- subject(s): Adultery (Byzantine law), Adultery (Roman law)

It actually means this. Extra marital affair with others.

If the particular state in which the adultery occurred has laws against it. Adultery is not illegal in all states, and in some states where it is a crime the law is not enforced and adulterers are not prosecuted. If however the "military wife" is also enlisted, then she can definitely be charged with adultery under UCMJ.

According to the Michigan Legislature, the following are on the books relative to adultery. Document Type Description 328-1931-V Division CHAPTER V ADULTERY (750.29...750.32) Section 600.2162 Section Husband or wife as witness for or against other. Section 750.29 Section Adultery; definition. Section 750.30 Section Adultery; punishment. Section 750.31 Section Adultery; complaint and time of prosecution. Section 750.32 Section Adultery; cohabitation of divorced parties. Section 767.44 Section Indictment; forms for particular offenses; bill of particulars. Section 777.16a Section §§ 750.11 to 750.32; felonies to which chapter applicable.

There is no definition - what's called a "law" is a simplified version of some theory.

Definition of business law

As a moral issue, adultery is always wrong.

In the past there have been cases where a military officer was discharged.

selling yourself to please another persons needs.

No. It actually, is none of your business that this happened. The person who this happened to was the person harmed, not you.

In the Western World there is no civil punishment for adultery except perhaps giving the injured party grounds for divorce. There may be other consequences under military law.

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