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The correct spelling is "pubic ramus," not "pubic ramise" or "pubic ramis."

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Q: Left pubic ramis
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Where is the pubic bone located at on a female?

In the female, the pubic bone is anterior to the urethral sponge. The left and right hip bones join at the pubic symphysis.

What joint is formed by the pubic bones?

The left and right pubic bones meet at the pubic symphysis (English) or symphisis pubis (Latin).The joint that is formed by the hip bone (Os Coxa) and the sacrum is the sacroiliac joint.

What is a brazillian wax?

It is where the pubic hair is waxed off and a thin strip called the 'cavado' is left.

Will pubic hair look like it's original state if shaven and left to grow?


What could be a small painless hard veinless lump between pubic and left thigh be?

...many things

What quadrant would you find the supra pubic area?

Since the suprapubic area is just above the pubic area, it would likely be located in both the left lower quadrant and right lower quadrant.

How do you distinguish between the right and left coxal bones?

You should definitely know and be able easy to find two structures - accetabulum and pubic symphasis. Accetabulum should be posterior lateral (that's where head of femur goes in) and pubic symphasis inferior MEDIAL (it attaches to pubic symphasis of second coxal bone to connect them together).

What regions of the hip bones articulate to form a symphysis?

Right and left pubic bodies form the symphysis. It is an important part of the hips.

What does Montana fishburne's tattoo say?

pubic area: Jeremy Green with a crown over it Under left breast: love conquers all

Where is the inguinal region located?

Where they did a surgery hernia and Iโ€™ve been a year and two months Iโ€™m Itโ€™s on the left side

Is it itchy to shave pubic hair?

Yes, afterwords you may experience itching. Be sure to take a shower after to get rid of hairs that may be left behind.

What causes a dull pain in your left groin?

Could be a pulled muscle (if the pain is in the thigh) or a hernia (if the pain is in the pubic region). Also could be an infection. Go to the doctor.

Is Bill Murray left handed?

No Bill is right handed. In the opening scene of ghostbusters, he reaches out to give the nerd an electric shock and he is holding the pencil in his right hand. But Dan Aykroyd who stars as Ray Stantz in the ghostbusters movies is left handed. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson are the ghostbusters who are Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston.

Got hurt between my legs pubic area when riding a boys bicycle and i notice a swelling on the left side of the lower pubic area How long does it take to go down?

It will probably take as long as it would if you hurt your arm, it is more painful though. If the swelling doesn't go down, you should see a doctor

What quadrant and region is the urinary bladder in?

The urinary bladder is a muscular sac in the pelvis, just above and behind the pubic bone. It is in the right lower quadrant and in the left lower quadrant since it is actually midline.

Which abdominopelvic quadrant is associated with bowel sounds?

There are 4 quadrants that get checked for bowel sounds. Right upper, right lower, left upper, and left lower. The abdominal quadrants are from the intercostal angle to the pubic bone. (angle of rib cage to hip/pubic area) First a medical professional will look at your abdomen for symmetry and bulges. Then they will listen on all 4 spots. Sometimes up to 5 minutes on each quadrant if bowels have been hypoactive. Then they will feel the abdomen for muscle rigidity, masses, tenderness, bruising, bladder distention, liver enlargement, etc.

What is Public bone and function?

There is no 'public ' bone in human anatomy but 'pubic' bone. For the bone in many mammals often called the penis bone, see baculum In vertebrates, the pubic bone is the ventral and anterior of the three principal bonescomposing either half of the pelvis. It is covered by a layer of fat, which is covered by the mons pubis. It is divisible into a body, a superior ramus and an inferior ramus. The body forms one-fifth of the acetabulum, contributing by its external surface both to the lunate surface and the acetabular fossa. Its internal surface enters into the formation of the wall of the lesser pelvis and gives origin to a portion of the obturator internus. In the female, the pubic bone is anterior to the urethral sponge. The left and right hip bones join at the pubic symphysis. The pubis is the lower limit of the suprapubic region. from wiki

What organs are in the left illiac region?

The lower lateral region of the abdomen on either side of the pubic region. Also called iliac region, inguen.Organs:lower esophagussmall intestine - a little more centralrectum - dittopelvic bone

If youre 16 and have a huge amount of pubic hair about 6 inches even around my anus and leads up my 6-pack to chest and all over my pecs and my armpits are as hairy as my ass how far into puberty amI?

you have about 2 years left

What are the trocar guides for embalming?

Abdominal 9 Region Plane (Tic-tac-toe board... left to right/top to bottom)Right Hypochondriac - Part of the LiverEpigastric - Part of the stomach, Part of the liverLeft Hypochondria - Part of the stomach, spleen, part of the liverRight Lumbar - right kidney, ascending colon, part of Small Int.Umbilical - Part of stomach, Gall Blad., Pancreas, Much of S.I., Tranv. ColonLeft Lumbar - Part of the Stomach, left kidney, Descending ColonRight Inguinal - Cecum, Right UreterHypogastric - Sm and Lg. Intestines, part of Urinary BladderLeft Inguinal - Part of colon, left ureterTrocar Guides:Stomach - direct the trocar toward the intersection of the 5th intercostal space and left mid-axillary line until trocar enters stomachCecum - direct trocar to a point 1/4th the distance from anterior-superior iliac spine to the pubic symphysisUrinary Bladder - direct trocar toward the midline and the pubic bone keeping it well up toward the abdominal wall until it touches pubic bone; then withdraw about 1/2 tipRight chambers of the heart - direct trocar along an imaginary line drawn from the anterior spine to the lobe of the right ear

What is the best heat for bed bugs?

Proffesional extirminator here. Based on passed expierence i have found many bed bugs in my pubic area. I have aqquired a thermometer and found that my pubic region is 26 degeres centigrade. Based on past expierence if a bed bug infestation is left untreated then the bug may enter your ear canal and actually chew through your perpicopula which is the main seal around your eardrum. once into your skull the bed bugls multiply and lay eggs in your brain.

Which sectional view of the body is produced by a slice along the median plane?

The midsagittal plane divides the body into equal left and right sides. Envision a line from the tip of your head to your nose, to your belly button, to the pubic symphysis. Cut along this line and you will have two equal halves of the body.

How did Rabindranath Tagore died?

Rabindranath Tagore has undergone an operation called 'Supra pubic Cystostomy ' (as there was blockage at urine outlet) after the operation the severe infective process took place. Penicillin or other Antibiotics were not invented till then. After a span of painful 7 days Rabindranath left the world.

Achy pain from waist down on left side got female groin hernia?

It's a posibility, but it could also be a number of other things. Something else to look for if you suspect a Hernia is a soft swelling, usually to the left of your pubic triangle. This may be quite prominent, or just slightly more prominent than the same area on the right. If there is no evidence of swelling at all then it's probably unlikely to be a Hernia.

How does one shave their taint?

(Assuming you are right handed. Reverse hands for left-handers.) Stand in the tub with your right foot on the side and soap the area. Don't use any shaving cream with menthol! With your left hand, cup your fingers over your pubic bone and press the skin upward toward your belly. Starting on the right side (the leg that's up) bend over so you can see what you're doing and carefully draw your razor from back to front using very short strokes. Once you have finished with that side, switch to the left leg up and shave the left side.