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Q: Length of Washington coast
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What is the length of the west coast of the continental US?

The west coast states consist of California, Oregon and Washington. The length of the west coast in the United States is 1,293 miles.

Is Seattle and Washington on opposite coast?

No. Washington DC is not on an ocean coast.

What ocean is on the west coast of the US?

Washington, Oregon, California.The states on the west coast of the United States are Washington, Oregon, and California. The states that border them just to the east are Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.

Which coast is Lacey Washington?

Lacey, Wash is in Thurston county and is not on the coast of Washington state. Washington state is located on the North west coast of the United States. Lacey is near Olympia, WA. which is the capitol of Washington State

What coast is D.C on?

Washington DC is on the American East coast.

What is Seattle's state flower?

Coast rhododendron is Washington's state flower

Which basketball term is defined as the entire length of the court?

Coast To Coast

Who was the first American president to govern from coast to coast?

George Washington

What is Length of California coast?

According to (, the length of California's coast is 840 miles.

What is the Washington state flower?

The Washington state flower is the Coast Rhododendron.

Is there two Washington states?

There are not two states named Washington. There is one state named Washington, on the northwest Pacific coast. There is also a city named Washington, the Federal Capitol located on the east coast.

What is the coast line length of Malta?

The coast line of Malta is 196.8 km.