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I am safe and sound and wishing you the same

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Q: Letter to father about progress in studies?
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Examination Hall 20th Oct, 2011. Dear father Hello! I received your letter recently. You wanted to know about my studies. You will be happy to know that I am doing very well in my studies In the unit test of last month I scored highest in the class. I got 100% marks in maths. My performance in other subjects has also improved. I have submitted my project of English. Now I am working on the model of science. My topic is "diversity of living organism". For this I am spending two hours daily in the library. I have also joined the computer classes. I am getting lots of material for my studies from the internet. I am also planning to take part in the essay competition the next month. I am following your advice and I have joined yoga classes in the morning. This has improved my concentration and stamina. I hope you will be satisfied with my progress. I shall keep informing you in future. Please convey my regards to mother and love to Golu. Yours lovingly Rao Mjahid Ali

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