Check Engine Light

Light on my dashboard saying check something and i don't have a manual to tell what it means?


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Not being psychic neither do I

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The Lambda warming light on the dashboard is a caution indicator. Essentially it's saying something needs to be checked. It's in need of immediate attention if it's in red.

warning lights on dash mean something is wrong u would have a generator light a temp , and an oil light

You will find the directions in your car manual.

engine valve emmission is something to do with a engine control light in the dashboard whenever it is light on.

There are a number of lights on the Ford Fiesta dashboard, and the owner's manual will have descriptions of all of them. Without more information, that is the only answer possible.

I checked the owners manual and this indicates that there is rear light failure.

Check out the owners manual Can you explain what the light looks like?

i have light that lights up with a car symbol that shows that maybe the light or out don't know what it is.

The diagnostic light on your dashboard typically means that there is something wrong and the computer wants you to use a diagnostic code scanner to read the code.

How do you replace dashboard light on 2000 Nissan almera

How do you reset dashboard brake light on vw passat

I step on brakes, dashboard light comes on which says stop.

Download the manual for free (I did this yesterday) at

on the dashboard of my 2005 325i BMW there is a warning light that is not shown in my manual. the entire car is light up, and at the back left rear there is a red lamp light. To above statement: A light is out and needs to be replaced.

how to change light on dashboard gear for ford escape

Dashboard warnings on your Peugeot 206 depend on the car's problem. It could be an indicator light for ABS, airbag, engine light or something else.

Acura dashboard light don't work

It means warning. Check your owners manual first. Usually its Brakes or Brake fluid.

Its your radiator light. Add water. To see the whole list, consult your manual that came with the car.

On many cars, it refers to Traction Control. The light generally means it is disabled or simply turned off. Check your owner's manual to find which it is on your car.

Citroen xsara Picasso dashboard light bulb is the bulb that's for the dashboard light climate control. The you tube web site gives you information as how to change the bulb.

My understanding was that it had something to do with the O2 sensor not working properly.

Remove the dashboard cover. The dashboard cover can be removed by removing the retaining screws. Remove the light retaining nut. Remove the light bulb.

Remove the dashboard instrument cluster cover. The cover is secured with four retaining screws. Take hold of the dashboard light, push in and turn at the same time to remove it. Reverse the process to install the new dashboard light.

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