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Light that is not bright?

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...would be dim.

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Bright light = zohar (זוהר)

in bright light the pupil shrinks

a light is bright coz the world is alive if a light is not very bright its coz the world will soon end

frosties do not like bright light

It is bright because the sun's light reflects off of it and makes it bright.It reflects light from the sun. (The moon does not make its own light.)

The metal, magnesium, burns with a bright white light

yes they are very bright

The word "light" is a noun, and the word "bright" describing it is an adjective.

The light was so bright that I had to cover my eyes. As the cold room heaved and shook with the dreariness of the icy land, the frigid, sullen, famished and weary peasants huddled around the bright kerosene lantern. That child seems particularly bright.

Answer:="The First Bright Effects Light Bulb was invented in 2007 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum bought Bright Effects Light Bulbs at Lowe's!!!!!!"=

Another word for bright is shining or shimmering maybe that is what i think

a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade a shade of green, i think like a bright, light shade

the light still refracts through the spectrum, the bright light just makes it harder to see or distinguish the refracted light

It shines a bright and blinding light! The light is too bright that it will instantly blind ur eyes! ><

Black lights are not bright but when you turn them on you can see certain special things that you can't see in a regular light.

A Mighty Bright book light can be purchased from Meijer and zZounds. A Mighty Bright book light can also be purchased from Overstock, Kmart, and Amazon.

When exposed to a bright light, the pupil of the human eye will contract. This action allows less light to come in contact with the lens.

might trite sight brightlight, bright, sight

That is the correct spelling of "bright" (giving off light, or clever).

as in a bright light - geal as in intelligence - cliste

so the light is not as bright

The sun is a source of very bright light.

The pupil narrows in bright light to restrict the amount of light coming in. In low light conditions it will enlarge to allow more light in for greater vision.