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...would be dim.

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Q: Light that is not bright
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How do you say bright light in Hebrew?

Bright light = zohar (זוהר)

What does bright light do to the pupil?

in bright light the pupil shrinks

Why the light is bright?

a light is bright coz the world is alive if a light is not very bright its coz the world will soon end

What shrinks in bright light?

some flowers shrink in bright light.

Which pet on fantage does not like bright light?

frosties do not like bright light

When was The Last Bright Light created?

The Last Bright Light was created in 2001.

What burns with a bright white light?

The metal, magnesium, burns with a bright white light

Why do you squint when exposed to bright light?

cos your eyes haven't adjusted to the bright light

What is a rhyming word pair for 100 watt bulb?

bright light bright light

How bright can a strobe light be?

it can be very bright lol

How bright are red light cameras?

really bright

What a strong light called?

A bright light!

What is the Response of eye to bright light?

The response of the of the eye to bright light is called a reflex action.

When was The Bright Light Social Hour created?

The Bright Light Social Hour was created in 2005.

When was Bright Light Ballads created?

Bright Light Ballads was created on 2009-04-14.

Are fluorescent light bulbs bright?

yes they are very bright

What is a simile for bright?

as the sun

What is a light that is not bright?


In this sentence The light is very bright is light an adjective verb or noun?

The word "light" is a noun, and the word "bright" describing it is an adjective.

What does 'Kira Kira' mean?

light;bright light

What do the bright lines in a bright light spectrum tell us?

not sure

What a bright streak of light in the sky caused by the entry into earth's atmosphere of a meteoroid?

The bright streak of light is a meteor.

What is another word for bright as in bright light?

Another word for bright is shining or shimmering maybe that is what i think

What radiating or reflecting light?


What is the synonym for light?

Bright, luminous,