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Some matter has the ability to combust.

Some matter reacts with acids.

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What are chemical properties of matter?

chemical properties of matter is matter based on its ability to participate in chemical reactions and form new substances .chemical property of matter is chemical that do change the chemical nature of the matter.there are also 2 chemical properties of matter:1. Combustibility - How easily it will react/explode with another substance.2. Reaction with Acid - Pretty much self explanatory...How it will react when combined with acid.

What are 2 chemical properties of a matter?

It depends upon the nature of matter, no all types of matter have common two properties.

What are the propertiesof matter?

Properties of Matter: 1. Physical property 2. Chemical Property

List 2 chemical properties?

One example of a chemical property is rust on metal. A chemical property can not be undone. A chemical property can be observed.

What are 2 examples of chemical properties?

What are 2 examples of a Chemical Properties

What are the 2 properties of matter?

the 2 properties of matter are 1. matter has weight 2. matter can occupy space.

What are two physical properties that characterize matter?

Matter is anything that has mass and occupies a space. Matter has 2 properties physical properties and chemical properties. And 2 physical properties include mass and shape (solid, liquid and gas).Other physical properties of molecular matter include:VolumeColorOdorLusterHardnessMelting PointFreezing PointBoiling PointDensityMalleabilityDuctilityConductivity

Does a mixture have one or two sets of chemical properties?

it has 2 sets of chemical properties

What are 2 details that support that matter has properties that can be observed?

Matter have 2 Properties:Extensive properties depend on the amount of matter that is being measured. These include mass and volume.Intensive properties do not depend on the amount of matter. These include density and color

What are 2 chemical properties of wood?

Two chemical properties of wood are, it is flammable, and it is insoluble in water.

What are the characteristics and properties of gas?

Properties of the gases: 1)physical properties 2)chemical properties

2 common types of chemical properties?

Liquid and solid are two types of common chemical properties.

What are examples physical proprieties of matter?

Its all about matter: we are surrounded by the matter on every moment of life, any thing that we use in our daily life is matter. A matter can me your tooth brush, bed,car each and every thing is matter. a subject that keeps some space on earth is called matter. a matter has some physical and chemical properties, Physical properties of matter are listed below. 1. Extensive properties of matter Mass , volume, length, shape 2. Intensive properties of matter color, density, boiling point, melting point

Please Identify and list the physical properties of samples of matter?

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What are 2 properties of matter?


Why is water a chemical and how?

Water is a compound because 2 elements are chemically bonded together within each molecule of water there are 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Because this compound is the same, same properties, no matter where it comes from or how you get it, it is said to be a chemical. Its chemical properties such as how it reacts to other substances are always the same for pure water.

What is the chemical properties and physical properties of magnesium?

Magnesium Tends to for +2 compunds and is reactive

How do you analyze sodium chloride properties?

1. Making many determinations of the physical properties. 2. Performing many chemical reactions to study the chemical properties of NaCl.

What are Properties that describe the appearance of matter?

The properties that describe the appearance of matter are: 1.solid,liquid and gas 2.shape and volume.

What properties does salt have?

Salt has two properties 1) Physical Property and 2) Chemical property:) :)

What are 2 physical properties of matter?

In general, matter is any object that has mass and volume.

What is the smallest unit of substances that keeps all the physical and chemical properties of that substance?

The atom or smaller, the amount of protons like helium always has 2 protons no matter what.

What are the 2 properties that all matter has?

has mass occupies space

What are 2 properties of all matter?

All types of matter have the mass and volume.

Chemical properties of californium?

Chemical properties of californium:- Pauling electronegativity: 1,3- Valences: 3, 2, 4- Californium can react with the majority of non metals